Rethinking parental engagement in learning

Explore how to support parental engagement and learning cultures that extend into the home learning environment.


Rethinking parental engagement in learning
08 July 2024 | 13.00 pm  - 14.00 pm | Online


Attainment gaps are created before children even start in an educational setting and they are likely to continue to grow throughout their school life.

If we are serious about addressing attainment gaps, and delivering better outcomes for every child, effective parental engagement in learning is essential. 

Children and young people spend 80% of their waking hours out of school. So, what they do out of school, with family, friends and their community is crucial to their learning. In other words: parents have the greatest impact on their children’s learning. But most parents don’t realise how important they are. 

A key issue is that parents and carers face multiple barriers to engaging and supporting their children’s learning and low-income families, who could benefit most from support, are least likely to access it. This presents challenges,but we will only see inequalities in educational outcomes addressed if parents are part of the solution.  

Addressing misconceptions of what parental engagement is and how relationships can be supported to boost engagement and learning is a crucial step towards this. We also need to think how we can deliver effective parental engagement in a manageable and sustainable way when money and capacity are in short supply.

Join Campaign for Learning’s Director Juliette Collier to cultivate a culture of effective parental engagement and continuous learning in this one hour webinar and conversation.

You will learn about:

  • guidance on critically reviewing how schools and partners currently work with parents and carers
  • providing parents and carers with practical tips on how to support learning at home
  • adapting communications to encourage positive dialogue between families and school and other learning partners
  • advice on improving children’s metacognition and self-regulated learning skills to support home learning
  • strategies for generating continuous parental engagement as children transitions into secondary or further education

This event is run by Campaign for Learning, building a culture of learning everywhere. 


Who will benefit from attending?

This webinar is for schools and their partners working to support parental engagement in learning including:

  • adult and community education
  • arts organisations
  • charities
  • early years
  • further education
  • health settings
  • heritage venues
  • libraries
  • local authorities
  • museums and galleries
  • schools

Workshop Facilitators

These sessions will be delivered by Juliette Collier, National Director at Campaign for Learning


Online (Zoom)


Standard Ticket £12.50+VAT £2.50 (£15.00)


08/07/2024 13:00 - 14:00
GMT Summer Time

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