The role of play in family learning

Making education fun and effective - an interactive one-hour free workshop that explores the transformative role of play in family learning.


The role of play in family learning: making education fun and effective
5 June 2024 | 11.00am-12.00pm | Online

Discover how infusing education with a sense of joy and playfulness can not only make the learning process more enjoyable but also significantly enhance its effectiveness.?   

The workshop provides attendees with:

  • an understanding of the concept of play as a powerful tool for family learning 
  • practical strategies for infusing play and joy into educational activities, gaining insights into how to create dynamic learning environments that foster creativity and curiosity
  • interactive discussions on the the impact of playfulness on family dynamics and communication, learning how to leverage it to strengthen familial bonds while facilitating learning
  • actionable ideas to implement playful learning techniques in the family context, promoting a lifelong love for learning and fostering a supportive educational environment at home. 

Who will benefit from attending? 

This workshop is ideal for educators working with families to support learning including those who work in:

  • adult and community education
  • arts organisations
  • charities
  • early years
  • further education
  • health settings
  • heritage venues
  • libraries
  • local authorities
  • museums and galleries
  • schools

Workshop Facilitators

This workshop will be delivered by Stacy Mann, Campaign for Learning's Senior Adviser for Families, Early Years and Childcare.

How to book

This workshop is free for members of the National Centre for Family Learning, which is free to joinPlease note if you already have an account on the Campaign for Learning's website, you will need to email us on [email protected] to be activated as a member of the National Centre for Family Learning.

05/06/2024 11:00 - 12:00
GMT Summer Time
Registration not available.

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