Learning at Work Week 2018 launches on 14th May. Over seven days, companies and organisations across the country will run creative and innovative events linked to the 2018 theme 'Networked for Learning'.

The week promotes continual learning and development at work and extending opportunities to learn for everyone. 

This year the focus is on the social and partnership aspects of learning. Activities may include bringing colleagues or organisations together to learn from each other, creating networking opportunities that support or drive learning; and using technology to facilitate these.

Companies are sharing their plans for the week and the networked for learning theme including on twitter.

GroupM's University are running a webinar for colleagues at all GroupM agencies on expanding your influence and 1 to 1 career coaching sessions.

VFX & Creative Content studio The Mill in its rich programme will look at different aspects of networking with workshops ranging from how to create your own tribe, through creating a personal brand on instragram, to active listening. Colleagues can also join workshops and talks to support creative skills and creativity including the launch of The Mill's own 'postive creative force' toolkit, wildlife drawing, ideation, screenprinting and an introduction to augmented reality.

The Law Society has taken the opportunity to run a programme that combines Mental Health Awareness Week and Learning at Work Week. They will be offering inspiring learning activities that focus on wellbeing and digital upskilling. Colleagues can access speed networking, coaching and knowledge sharing opportunities as well as discover techniques to maintain and improve health through meditation, yoga and nutrition.  There will be sessions on developing IT skills including learning to code.

Jagex, Taylor Vinters and Cambridge Network are hosting Bingling! a networking event with a difference for companies in Cambridge - at this special wrap party for Learning at Work Week, attendees will share one interesting fact about themselves which will be used in a bingo game with the first person to meet everyone on their card the winner.

Shiseido UK's family of six brands will take part in Learning at Work Week inspired by the group's core values D>A>R>E - Deliver, Authentic, Respect, Energy. The week will launch the company's new internal social media, and will feature opportunities to develop digital capability, promote personal brand for self-development and career progression, support personal energy through mindfulness meditation and financial health and wellbeing. The week will culminate in a collaborative 'Reflection Party’ where colleagues can share what they've learned and how they will apply it going forward.

Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust are providing a host of activities where colleagues can find out about development opportunities, learn about social media and learning through gamification.

Diamond Light Source and Prospect are running a joint Learning at Work Week at the UK’s national synchrotron science facility, located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in Oxfordshire. The launch will feature a World Cafe and workshops and talks on offer include the Thriving Mind, proactive networking and the Rosalind Franklin Insitute. A battlebot hackathon will have teams of 2 modifying software to control robots for a knockout challenge.

Broadway Travel will be run a packed programme for its first  linked to the company’s values. It will highlight different ways of learning from workshops to online learning. Its week will provide opportunities for colleagues to learn industry specialisms and knowledge as well as take part in activities that promote personal development and health and well-being.  Colleagues can take part in lunch ‘n’ learns and webinars including one hosted by the trading team. Everyone will be invited to share their experiences of holiday destinations on the company’s ‘wiki’ page and take part in a fun space invaders style contest to test their knowledge.  

Digital and Print agency EMC Design are hosting sessions for colleagues including 'Sausage and the law: how textbooks are made' with Dorothy Zemach and raising your profile at work.

Learning at Work Week is supported by its national partners Pearson, The Open University Business School, OCN London, Findcourses, the Reading Agency and Pearson TalentLens. Free activities from national partners and learning providers including webinars and free online learning will be available during the week.

Julia Wright the Campaign's National Director said:

Once again, organisations are approaching the week with a brilliant amount of creativity, dedication and passion. While developing skills and knowledge for work is a substantial part of what takes place during the week, many Learning at Work Week company events offer broader and different types of learning opportunities - from just-for-interest activities to tasters of different careers - in recognition of the wider benefits of supporting a learning culture at work.