Stewarts Learning at Work Week promoted its new learning and development team and a learning culture. The L&D team used the week to soft launch the company’s new digital learning platform which aims to keep staff up to speed with the skills to excel in a fast-changing environment. They also promoted Stewarts shared values TIME – teamwork, innovation, managers and excellence – and addressed barriers to engagement between offices and remote workers when learning.

The new digital platform offers a different approach to engaging colleagues in learning. The previous LMS tended to be used for mandatory training and had low engagement. By launching the new platform during the week with enticements such as competitions, humorous videos and with no mandatory content initially, it gave a different impression and encouraged colleagues to find out how easy it is to sign up, watch and use the varied learning resources.

The content focused on current business needs during the pandemic, softskills and fun activities. Internal experts and external trainers delivered live webinars. On demand sessions offered curated courses designed to suit different levels and roles and encourage firm-wide engagement. This included a bespoke Time Management video course for legal and business colleagues to support both skills development and better time recording.

There was training on new technologies such as ‘Zoom for Virtual Trials’; and sessions on ‘Effective Marketing and Business Development in the time of Covid’. To assist remote working the team rolled out their first on-demand courses for topics such as delegation, teamwork and communication. To help colleagues manage any anxiety and stress during the pandemic, sessions were offered on ‘Excellence & Being Amazing Everyday – Reducing Stress and Improving Performance’ which included breathing exercises over Zoom.

To promote the week in a fun way, a ‘Lockdown Learning’ competition invited colleagues to submit their learning journeys through lockdown, from amazing bakes to woodwork and crafts. The managing partner used his weekly video message to highlight the week. The learning team also made a humorous video to show off their own skills.

The learning and development team’s profile has been raised. The high engagement with the digital platform during the week continues to rise. There has been a positive impact on attendance from the use of technology with 100 colleagues at headline events and further views on demand – much higher than usual. Colleagues have made commitments to behavioural change especially linked to mental health and business development. There is increased confidence and engagement with online platforms which has led to better meetings and trials, reducing the need for external support.