Severn Trent is one of the biggest water companies in the UK, that provides over eight million people across the Midlands with fresh, clean drinking water every day. It’s also responsible for taking away customers waste water, and cleaning it and treating it before safely returning it to the environment.

For Learning at Work Week, Severn Trent promoted its new Academy which provides growth opportunities for everyone and enables colleagues to develop the skills and knowledge they need now and in the future. The learning and development team set out to raise awareness of the development opportunities available from the Academy and support more colleagues to start their learning journeys. 


During the week, everyone was offered coaching sessions with learning specialists. A new learning playlist was created offering flexible development opportunities so that all colleagues could learn including those working from home or during unsociable hours. To inspire learning, colleagues shared their own learning journey stories on the company’s internal social media and the intranet. 

Alongside the activities, the learning and development team promoted interactive packs to help colleagues create development plans, identify their own learning needs and plan their careers. They also promoted the Academy syllabus to highlight the learning on offer. 


To build excitement, the team ran a ‘coming soon’ yammer campaign. The CEO introduced the week in her weekly vlog.  The Head of the Academy told her own inspiring learning story to start the week. An interactive infographic with links to useful tools and activities was created and shared on the intranet. Users of the online learning system received the Learning at Work Week playlist. 

As a result of the promotion, there was high uptake of the week’s activities with 42 people booking coaching sessions and significantly more people exploring the options for development on the intranet with an uplift of 206%. The promotion of the playlist led to increased usage of the Academy’s online learning content with a 100% increase in individual users. 

The week has successfully raised awareness of the Academy and has contributed towards a learning culture.  Severn Trent’s employees have a better understanding of how to start a learning journey using the tools and personal coaching support. By using the online content during the week and after, colleagues were able to upskill in their development areas and are now more aware of the wider learning on offer. Colleagues continued to access coaching sessions and use the learning content at high levels.