2021 Online Planning Workshops

The Campaign for Learning run online planning workshops on how to create a powerful Learning at Work Week that aligns with the goals, needs and aspirations of your business and colleagues.

The workshops are 3.5 hours long.

For more details follow the link for each date, where you can also book your place - or see below for more details.

Book your place

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This online interactive workshop covers all the steps to create a branded Learning at Work Week campaign with activities that support your business goals and inspire and engages colleagues. It's a great opportunity to meet and share ideas with other companies taking part in Learning at Work Week too. 

What we'll do at the session 

Starting with an issue, opportunity or challenge faced by your workplace, we'll take you through the approaches and steps you can use to design an engaging and creative Learning at Work Week campaign that is relevant for your workplace and context. 

We will cover: 

  • the essential planning steps to build your Learning at Work Week campaign including how to use it as a testbed for innovation and 'catalyst for change' for both employees and your business 

  •  ideas, strategies and tactics you can use to develop special learning activities events and communications with a focus on digital and online approaches to address potential covid-19 restrictions 

  • successful approaches used by other companies and organisations 

  • ideas linked to the 2021 theme 'Made for Learning'   

  • the wealth of resources and activity ideas available, many of which are free or low cost. 

You will have the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas with delegates from a range of companies. 

Whilst the workshop will focus on how to run Learning at Work Week, the planning steps and strategies can be applied to any learning and development campaign or promotion in your company or organisation. 

Who will benefit from attending? 

HR, Learning and Development professionals, and colleagues with a remit for supporting or co-ordinating Learning at Work Week in their workplace. 

Please note: as there is some overlap, delegates may not benefit as much if they have already attended the Designing Powerful Learning Campaigns for your Workplace workshop.