Learning at Work Week 2021 Doodle Challenge!

There’s nothing more human than expressing ourselves through drawing. We’ve been drawing on walls for over 44,000 years!  

We’re inviting you and colleagues to flex your drawing muscles and continue this very human behaviour during Learning at Work Week. 

Starting from Monday 17th May try our five drawing challenges – whether it’s a quick sketch, doodle or scribble, a cartoon, or something more detailed.  

Have a go and if you’re happy to share your drawings, we’ll enter you for the prize draw with a chance to win creative art gift vouchers! See below for details and terms and conditions for the prize draw.

Learning at Work Week Doodle Challenges

Draw 1 

Make headlines 

Draw an outline of a head or face using continuous lines – is it a self-portrait or someone else? 

Draw 2 

Try your hand... 

Thousands of years ago, people left their personal mark with outlines of their hands on cave walls and rocks. Draw a picture featuring your hand (or hands!). 

Draw 3 

Favourite bites 

We all need to eatSketch your favourite food or meal. 

Draw 4 

Go wild! 

Bring the outside in - doodle an animal or plant that you think is interesting or beautiful 

Draw 5 

Hat trick 

What hat would you wear on your head to make an impression? Draw your fantasy hat! 

Remember...everyone can doodle! 

Your doodle can be anything from a few lines and a quick sketch to something more developed - everything counts! It’s not unusual to feel self-conscious about drawing but we can all make marks with a pencil or pen on paper and that’s what the challenge is looking for. 

How to take part in the Daily Doodle Challenge and enter for the prize draw! 

1) Create a doodle or doodles for any of the Doodle Challenges 

2) Share your doodle by doing one of the following: 

Either share your Doodle Challenge drawing on twitter – to enter the Prize Draw you must include in your tweet @lawweekwire along with #lawwdoodlechallenge 


Email [email protected]  with a copy of your Daily Doodle 

3) Doodle entries for any of the days' themes must be received by 12pm on Monday 24th May 2021The first five entries drawn from the prize draw can choose a prize from the list below. We will take the first doodle you submit as entry into the prize draw but draw and share as many doodles as you like!  

See the full terms and conditions for the prize draw. 


Prizes in the prize draw 

Everyone submitting a doodle will be eligible for the prize draw where five winners will be drawn at random. 

Five winners will receive a £30 voucher to spend on creative goodies.