Learning at Work Week starts on 17th May. There’s still time for your organisation to take part.

Whether it's an afternoon, a lunchtime or more – use our steps below to create an impact! 

Step 1: Don't miss out on special offers

We regularly post special offers and activities from the Campaign for Learning and our national activity partners. To get these straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter and tick Learning at Work Week.

Step 2: We're made for learning

Our 2021 national theme is Made for Learning and its three strands Human=Learning, Human=Curiosity and Human=Connection focus on our human capacity and drive to learn, be curious and connect with others. Create activities that bring colleagues and peers together to learn and explore new ideas and opportunities - see Step 3.

Step 3: Need + Theme = Activity! 

Try this simple ideas generator to build activities with impact.

First, identify a need in your organisation, add the national theme and create an activity that reflects both. Shape them for different audiences in your workplace. Here are some examples.

Need + Theme = Activity 

  • Digital Skills + Made for Learning = Connect colleagues and share digital tips through peer learning
  • Innovation + Made for Learning = 'Where do ideas come from?' infographic on the power of curiosity; workshop on creative tips to generate ideas
  • Learning culture + Made for Learning = Panel Q&A with senior directors on the importance of learning; Workshop for managers on supporting a growth mindset; Daily question prompts to stimulate curiosity
  • Career pathways + Made for Learning = Webinar on internal opportunities and Drop-in Skills Surgeries
  • Wellbeing + Made for Learning = Talk on the amazing powers of sleep for learning and health; 'Find a new hobby' tasters by colleagues

Our theme page has lots more activity ideas that you can try or adapt.

Step 4: Enrich your Week

Add extra activities to your own with ideas from our activities page and watch out for special offers. Look for inspiration from our recent impact award winnersWe run regular workshops on how to run regular learning campaigns at work including for Learning at Work Week - see our events page.

Step 5: Power of image

Use our free LAW Week graphics and banners on your digital sites and communications. Create a branded landing page with all your Learning at Work Week activities. Let us know your plans and with your permission we'd love to highlight them on the Learning at Work Week website - email us at [email protected]

Visit the Learning at Work Week website for more ideas and resources www.learningatworkweek.com