We asked Amreen Ghani-Rogers from The Law Society to tell us how they use Learning at Work Week to build a culture of learning at work.

What does The Law Society do?

We are the independent professional body for Solicitors in England and Wales. Our purpose and vision is to be the voice of solicitors, to drive excellence in the profession and to safeguard the rule of law. We are run for and by our members. The Law Society employs over 400 staff that help us to make sure that our members are supported and represented effectively.

What are your aspirations for learning at The Law Society?

We are building a culture of everyday learning at the Law Society to help people develop their skills and capabilities through a range of different learning options that will help them grow and for the Law Society to deliver their objectives. Our aspirations for learning are that people take ownership of their learning and recognise that learning is more than attending a course or a workshop.

What type of activities do you do during Learning at Work Week?

We have a range of different activities during LAWW both work and non-work related – there’s opportunities for people to network and connect, get to know more about our members and the profession, relax with their colleagues doing something creative or building their knowledge and skills in areas that will support their careers now and for the future.

What tip or tricks would you give someone organising Learning at Work Week for the first time?

It's important people understand the purpose of what you are doing and the objectives and outcomes you want to achieve. Think about what your aspirations for learning as a business are and how that aligns to the overall vision and purpose of the organisation. The other key thing when organising Learning at Work Week is planning! You can never start too early – and planning in the activities you need to undertake as part of designing the week is super important.

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