For Learning at Work Week On Air, Online we invited everyone to sharpen their pencils and flex their felt tips for the Daily Doodle Challenge.

Everyone who submitted a doodle and were eligible were entered for the Daily Doodle Challenge Prize Draw. The first seven entries drawn from the Prize Draw could choose a prize from the list below.

  • Set of 30 Staedtler Fineliner Coloured Pens - see more
  • Set of 8 Micron pens - see more
  • Book: The Doodle Revolution by Sunnie Brown - see more
  • Book: The Power of the Pencil: Draw * Sketch * Doodle * Play with a Pencil by Guy Field - see more PLUS Book: The Drawing Game by Victor Nunes - see more
  • Books: Pocket Art: Figure Drawing: The quick guide to mastering technique and style see more PLUS Pocket Art: Portrait Drawing: The Quick Guide to Mastering Technique and Style Flexibound - see more

We are delighted to let you know the winners of the prize draw were:

Coral M.
Karen D.
Lara R.
Amanda E.
Soulla P.
David D.
Natasha W.

You can see their doodles and those of everyone who took part on twitter

A big thanks to everyone who entered our doodle for our Learning at Work Week Daily Doodle Challenge!

We hope you enjoyed your week of creative scribbling, drawing and sketching. If you are looking to do more doodling, check out the inspiration below!

Why doodle?

Lots of reasons! Doodles are an immediate way to be creative and express ourselves, visualise and share ideas. They are a great way to start and get better at drawing. There’s research to show doodling helps us focus on a current situation by keeping us from day-dreaming or not paying attention, improving what we remember. Doodles can help us and others learn too. We can use them to present information visually to improve understanding, make new connections and memorise. Doodling can also help us relax and destress according to scientists who’ve studied its effect on the brain.

Everyone can doodle!

Your doodle can be anything from a few lines and a quick sketch to something more developed - everything counts! It’s not unusual to feel self-conscious about drawing but we can all make marks with a pencil and pen on paper and that’s what the challenge is looking for.

Doodle inspiration

Here are some ideas and inspiration to get your doodles flowing including drawing tips from RD comics and the Phoenix!

  • Grayson's Art Club - Weekly art club with Grayson Perry More
  • Learn to draw through observation - Free introduction with Jake Spicer More 
  • Doodlers Unite - Ted Talk with Sunni Brown on why we all should be doodling More
  • The Power to believe you can improve: Ted Talk with Carol Dwek More
  • Why Sleep Matters with Matt Walker (including for learning) More

Drawing tips

RD Comics and the Phoenix have provided some tips on how to draw using character Troy Trailblazer
Find out more about them online on and
You can also engage on Twitter and tag them in your creations! @RDComics @phoenixcomicuk