NCFE and the Campaign for Learning are proud to launch a new paper, ‘Post-16 Education and Apprenticeship Levy Funding: next steps for English devolution’ - a volume of expert pieces that consider the future of the post-16 education and training budget from a devolution perspective.

The pamphlet has contributions from well known experts in post-16 education, Joe Dromey, Kevin Gilmartin, Julian Gravatt, Ewart Keep, Susan Pember, Mick Fletcher and Alan Palmer.

The focus for the paper is the £27.8bn post-16 education and training budget excluding capital spending. The authors look at the arguments for and against devolving post-16 budgets and what issues will need to be considered for students, providers and policymakers.

The contributions are:
• Joe Dromey, Learning and Work Institute on Devolving 16-18 Education and Apprenticeship Levy Funding
• Kevin Gilmartin, Association of School and College Leaders on Devolving 16-18 Education Funding: Issues for School Sixth Forms
• Julian Gravatt, Association of Colleges on Devolving 16-18 Education Funding: Issues for FE and Sixth Form Colleges
• Ewart Keep, SKOPE, University of Oxford on Devolving Apprenticeship Levy Funding: Issues for Policy Makers
• Susan Pember, HOLEX on Devolving Post-16 Funding: Lessons from the Adult Education Budget
• Mick Fletcher, RCU on Devolution and Post-18 Fee and Maintenance Loans: Issues for Students
• Alan Palmer, MillionPlus on Devolution of 16-18 Education and Apprenticeship Levy Funding: Issues for Higher Education

Michael Lemin, Policy and Research Manager at NCFE said:
“We’re delighted to publish our latest paper in partnership with Campaign for Learning. This pamphlet considers next steps for the devolution of post- 16 education and apprenticeship levy funding. More specifically, it is a contribution to the debate on the government’s reviews of Post- 18 Education and Funding and the UK Apprenticeship Levy, to the work of various commissions on adult education, and to Labour’s second consultation on the National Education Service.
The pamphlet has contributions from seven well known experts in the post-16 education. The range of views articulated shine a light on the complexities regarding devolved funding, and we expect that this subject will be the centre of much debate in the coming years.”

Julia Wright, National Director, Campaign for Learning said:
“Given the complexity of the post-16 education system and the scale of the budgets, we believe a focused debate on next steps for devolution of this area is crucial. We are grateful to our contributors for setting out their thinking and we trust their excellent analysis and the points and issues they raise will inform discussions going forward.”

Please note:

This pamphlet was originally published on 5th April 2019. It was revised and republished on 26th April 2019 to include updated figures for the percentage of Adult Education Budget to be devolved in 2019/20. This percentage is used to calculate how much of the post-16 education budgets may be devolved in the future and the budget figures for this are also revised accordingly at various points. Table 1 has also been amended to correct the grant funding allocated to School Sixth Forms.

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