The Campaign for Learning and NCFE's ‘Future Proofing Apprenticeship Funding in England for the 2020s' is a collection of pieces by policy experts on what can be seen as the most sensitive aspect of apprenticeship policy at the moment - funding. The authors raise a number of important issues for consideration and debate and make recommendations on how apprenticeship funding can be future proofed into the 2020s.

Authors and Articles in the paper

  • Julian Gravatt, Association of Colleges on Apprenticeship Funding in England: A Busted Programme Budget
  • Kathleen Henehan, The Resolution Foundation on Apprenticeship Starts in England: Changes Since the Levy
  • John Cope, Confederation of Business Industry on Mending the English Apprenticeship Funding System
  • Jane Gratton, British Chambers of Commerce on Small Firms – In or Out of the Apprenticeship Levy?
  • Paul Nowak, TUC on Investing in High-Quality Accessible Apprenticeships
  • Adrian Anderson, UVAC on Directing Apprenticeship Funding to Raise Organisational Productivity
  • Mark Dawe, AELP on Apprenticeship Funding: Hard Choices, Even Harder Decisions               
  • Mark Hilton, London First on Apprenticeship Funding: Issues for London     
  • Andy Westwood, University of Manchester on Apprenticeship Funding: Issues for Greater Manchester
  • Mark Corney, Policy Consultant on Brexit, the UK Apprenticeship Levy and Apprenticeship Funding in England  

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