2018 Learning at Work Week Logos

Download the 2018 logos - they come in three formats and a range of colours with national dates and without dates.

  • Suitable for Screen as png files
  • Suitable for desktop publishing as RGB jpg files
  • Suitable for professional printing as CMYK jpg files

Suitable for Screen Printing

Zip file with all logos (banner and square logos of all formats)

Suitable for desktop publishing RGB jpg files

1. Banners with year and full dates

2. Banner with no dates

3. Square with year and full dates

Suitable for professional printing CMYK jpg files

1. Banners with year and full dates

2. Banner with no dates

3. Square with year and full dates

Networked for Learning themed graphics and posters will be available soon...


Previous posters and graphics

2017 Posters

The 2017 Posters are available to download in the following formats:

PDF - full posters and empty belly for writing on - available with dated and undated LAW Week logo - download in one file


Word Doc - empty belly posters for typing on - available with dated and undated LAW Week logo - download in one file:


2017 Logo and Graphics

The 2017 logo and graphics linked to this year's CURIOUS & CREATIVE theme can be downloaded from the links below.

The graphics include the 'Question Mark Light Bulbs', the 'Multicoloured Question Marks' and the 'Create, Make, Celebrate Hand'. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1m8PzjioEHraE5iSDhKNzVVdXM

The logos are available in a range of colours and with and without the dates and include the 'Let's get curious & creative' balloon person. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1m8PzjioEHrbUdtWXNWbzBsTGs