Learning at Work Week Impact Awards 2019 Announced

The Campaign for Learning is delighted to announce the results of the Learning at Work Week Week 2019 Impact Awards.

The Impact Awards are competitive and are given to companies and organisations who demonstrate how their Learning at Work Week campaigns were designed to achieve a range of outcomes. 

This year’s Learning at Work Week Impact Award sponsors, categories and successful organisations are:

Pearson Impact Award for Promoting a Learning Culture

  • Cambridge Network - SME Winner
  • EY - Large Organisation Winner
  • Advice Skills Academy - SME Highly Commended
  • Baillie Gifford - Large Organisation Highly Commended
  • Pepper UK - Large Organisation Highly Commended
  • BCG Digital Ventures - SME Commended
  • The Mid Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust - Large Organisation Commended
  • Virgin Media - Large Organisation Commended

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The Open University Business School - Supporting Business and Organisational Goals

  • Bristol Energy - SME Winner
  • Maintel - Large Organisation Winner
  • Acro Aircraft Seating - SME Highly Commended
  • Wakefield Council - Large Organisation Highly Commended
  • Pepper UK - Large Organisation Highly Commended
  • HSE - Large Organisation Commended
  • Islington Council - Large Organisation Commended
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Large Organisation Commended

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Findcourses.co.uk - Innovation in Learning and Development

  • Virgin Media - Large Organisation Joint Winner
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Large Organisation Joint Winner
  • Edge Hill University - SME Winner

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Charity Learning Consortium - Shaping Digital Futures

  • Edge Hill University - SME Winner
  • Lloyds Banking Group - Large Organisation Winner

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Cindy Rampersaund, Senior Vice President BTEC and Apprenticeships, Pearson UK said:

Pearson is proud to support Learning at Work Week 2019. In today’s world, lifelong learning and diverse career paths are fast becoming the norm as the concept of a ‘job for life’ disappears. These inspiring awards celebrate those employers who instill and support a culture of continuous learning. 

 Congratulations to EY and Cambridge Network on well-deserved Pearson Learning at Work Week Impact Awards for Promoting a Learning Culture. Both are rightfully recognised for impressive LAWW programmes which support their employees to maintain a love of learning, to be inspired, develop and grow. 

Pearson is honoured to help shine a spotlight on employers who share our mission of helping more people to progress in their lives through learning.

Liz Moody, Director Executive Education, The Open University Business School said:

The world around us keeps changing and the challenge is for organisations to adapt to uncertainty.    Those organisations that invest in their people by developing their skills and knowledge, engaging them in purposeful work and learning, will reap the benefits. Mahatma Gandhi said “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”  The OU is committed to lifelong learning and congratulates winners Maintel and Bristol Energy and all this year’s entries for providing a spotlight on learning, fun ways to engage people and thereby help them fulfil their potential.  When learning is aligned to organisational performance people can more readily see the relevance of learning to their own and their employer’s success. When learning is also fun, it reinforces its value to the learners and encourages them to do more. This is where the innovation comes into Learning at Work for me.

Sophie Austin, Site Manager, Findcourses.co.uk said:

At findcourses.co.uk we believe in the power that Learning at Work Week wields to innovatively drive growth, increase engagement, and provide opportunities. Lloyds Banking Group, Virgin Media and Edgehill University’s 2019 Learning at Work Weeks serve as a model for all organisations aspiring to be the best they can be. All were innovative, centred on impacting key organisational objectives, and showed the highest level of commitment to employee-centred L&D initiatives. LLoyds Banking Group used the week to launch a holistic programme focused on ten key skills for the future of their workforce development. Virgin Media launched three new innovative L&D digital technologies including an app that used technology to facilitate real-life interactions by matching employees with their career mentor.  Edgehill University’s success is perfect proof that innovation can be unlocked rather than constrained by the resources of a smaller organisation. Their space-themed week focused on increasing digital skills and included information-sharing and interactive workshop offerings to help foster a workplace-wide learning culture.

Martin Baker, Founder and CEO of the Charity Learning Consortium said:

It’s an honour to be involved with the LAW Week Impact Awards. I’ve been particularly impressed with the creativity of this year’s campaigns. There has been some really inspirational work and I’m sure it will inspire others to promote new learning innovations within their organisations.