The 2020 theme invites organisations to deliver activities and programmes that promote ‘LEARNING JOURNEYS’.

It’s important to interpret the theme in a way that suits the needs of your workplace but if you are looking for ideas we’ve put together some themed strands and starter activity ideas below. Learning at Work Week should always be shaped to your own particular context so do use a different theme if that works better!

Inspired for Life?

What sets us off on a learning journey? What sparks or motivates us to take those first steps? What barriers do we need to overcome? How can existing skills and prior experience help us get to where we need and want to go? What do we need to sustain us on the way? How can we use and celebrate our experiences to motivate lifelong learning for work and life?

Activity ideas: 

  • ‘Where do we want to go?’ - e.g. how to create great goals, finding a mentor, becoming a coach
  • Celebrating learning journeys - e.g. apprentices sharing their stories to new entrants, project teams talking about interesting lessons learned and how it's changed their practice
  • All change! - talks from colleagues e.g. on mid-life career changes or taking up new challenges
  • Time to reflect - e.g. digital detox tips to make space for reflection, how to ask for feedback, skills and experience maps, what do we know and how can we use it?, reflection exercises to help us develop our skills and approaches for the future 
  • Mind the gap! Sessions to brush up on the essentials e.g. national numeracy challenge, digital skills, writing clearly
  • Learn, do, reflect cycle sessions on how to put learning into action and improve - e.g. short group activities on different topics such as writing a case study, taking a photo, giving a talk

Collaboration for transformation

Let’s enjoy our learning journeys together. What do we want to explore? What are our common interests? What can we learn from each other? How can we together contribute to positive change for work and life?

Activity ideas: 

  • Peer-to-Peer learning and collaboration - e.g. tasters, workshops, skills swaps and video tips
  • Communities of interest launches and unconferences - bringing people together around shared interests to deepen knowledge and understanding
  • Launch of opportunities for cross-organisation collaboration on transformative projects
  • Knowledge exchange seminars between partners and organisations

New challenges, bright ideas

As our world changes, how can we can we deal positively with new challenges? What are the skills, resources, opportunities and support that can help us adapt & thrive? How are people and organisations innovating to solve problems, do things better or differently?

Activity ideas:

  • Small things that changed the world - e.g. Ted Talk and discussion about bright ideas
  • ‘Where do ideas come from?’ - how to think like an innovator workshop or panel session
  • Practical innovation - how to apply design thinking to solve problems using a real life issue
  • How innovation is changing our life exhibition - e.g. new banks that help us save, or ideas to move us beyond plastic
  • Challenge competition - cross-organisational teams innovate to solve a set problem