As part of Learning at Work week, Pearson TalentLens are pleased to offer you and 20 colleagues the chance to try the freshly updated Learning Style Questionnaire.

What is the LSQ?

The Learning Style Questionnaire (LSQ) has been used extensively within industry and academia for over 30 years, to measure learning preferences in people aged 16+.

Developed by Peter Honey and Alan Mumford and based upon David Kolb’s Learning Cycle, the purpose of the LSQ model is to help stimulate individuals to think about the way they learn from their experiences.
Knowing your preferred learning style helps you to:
•    Match learning opportunities with the way you learn best - making learning more effective and enjoyable.
•    Become an all-round learner - increasing your versatility to learn.
•    Improve your learning skills and processes - increasing awareness of how you learn opens up the whole process to self-scrutiny.

Please feel free to send the LSQ link to up to 20 employees:

How does the LSQ work?

 The survey contains 40 statements, which relate to behaviours representing each of the four different styles of learning: Activists, Reflectors,Theorists and Pragmatists.

Each statement you agree with counts as one point to the related learning style. The more statements you agree with relating to each style, the higher your preference for that type of learning will be.

Your results are available immediately upon completion.

The report contains results (p.3) and suggestions for action for each style (p.4-5). It provides an overview of the statements you have most disagreed with and a personal development plan to help you improve less preferred areas (p.6-7).

If you are interested, another detailed report is available to assist you when completing the PDP.

I hope you find the LSQ useful!

About Pearson TalentLens

Pearson TalentLens has offices in the UK, USA, across Europe, Singapore, India and Australia. 

We use psychometric tests to help organisations select and develop employees.

We offer two types of assessments:

1.Ability tests

Our ability tests are used for volume recruitment and targeted campaigns.

We help our clients to discover candidate aptitude in areas relevant to the job.

We offer numerical, abstract and verbal reasoning tests.

We offer the industry standard measure of critical thinking, the Watson-Glaser.

Our Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs) show the likely performance of candidates in various job specific tasks.

2.Personality assessments

Our personality tools are used to help identify areas of strength or in need of development.

Our personality trait and values tool helps to determine a candidate's likely 'fit' to the role, team environment and the culture of the company. It can be used for staff recruitment or development.

Our personality type tool reveals behavioural preferences and is used to develop existing employees.

We also offer the Honey & Mumford Learning Style Questionnaire – this reveals how people prefer to take in new information and helps to improve self awareness.

View the product matrix for our full range of tests.

How it works

Tests are available online via our test platform. If qualified, Clients can set up the tests and manage the campaigns themselves.

Tests can be taken on an unsupervised or supervised basis.

They are compatible with laptop, tablet, mobiles.

The ability tests all take 30 minutes. There is no set time for the personality assessments.

The ability tests cost £16.50 per unit.

Personality assessments are £20 per unit.

Volume discounts are available.


Our team of Business Psychologists offer official BPSTest User Ability and Personality training – this qualification enables clients to administer and feed back test results to candidates themselves, thus avoiding the cost of consultancy fees.

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