Welcome to interactive online events with Campaign for Learning!

Our interactive events are designed to feel as much like an in-person session as possible. This includes the whole audience being able to see one another and engage with our team.

We have some house rules to make the experience as enjoyable, informative and safe as possible for everyone attending.

We ask that you:

  • Have your camera on throughout the session. As well as making it possible for us to engage directly with you, this helps us to ensure that everyone is safe at our events. Your camera will be on view to all other participants, as theirs will be with you.
  • Mute your microphone when you are not speaking.
  • Ensure you join the event in a suitable location. This could include having somewhere to take part in activities, or space to safely stand and move around free from trip hazards.
  • Ensure no personal information is on display on your video (e.g. address in background, school uniform, photographs of others etc). You may wish to use Zoom’s option to add a virtual background.
  • Ensure everyone attending the event is wearing suitable clothing for a public activity. All members of the household must be aware that the call is taking place and make sure they use appropriate language and behaviour when nearby or in the background.
  • Change your Zoom name to either your first name, or another name you will recognise if spoken to directly. Please do not include any other personal information such as surnames, phone numbers, email addresses, organisation names etc.
  • Do not take pictures of the event, or other participants, as you risk breaching data protection and privacy regulations.

As our commitment to making interactive events enjoyable and safe, Campaign for Learning will:

  • Have a minimum of two adults participating in the event. One will be Campaign for Learning’s event lead, the other may be another Campaign for Learning member of staff or a member of a partner organisation delivering the event.
  • Ensure the Campaign for Learning event lead welcomes everyone to the event, monitoring and managing the event and participants throughout, to ensure everyone adheres to the House Rules.
  • All Campaign for Learning staff, and those from partner organisations, will ensure they are in an appropriate space throughout the call. Where possible they will have their background set up for the event, blur the background, or use a digital background. All members of their household will be aware the event is taking place and not enter the space being used for the event.


Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our house rules. We’re excited to see you all very soon!