Winner: Pearson Promoting a Learning Culture - Large Organisation

HMCTS is responsible for the administration of the criminal, civil and family courts and tribunals in England and Wales and non-devolved tribunals in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It supports a fair, efficient and effective justice system delivered by an independent judiciary. Currently there are about 16,000 staff across the UK.

HMCTS set out to create a ‘Learning at Work Week’ that would help develop an inclusive learning culture so that every member of staff can access the learning and development opportunities they need. This supported theirbroader capability strategy and employee value proposition, which has a commitment to learning and development at its core.

A new learning community of 21 senior leaders across HMCTS identified, designed, and promoted ‘Learning at Work Week’ activities. To deliver learning with maximum impact and relevance to their colleagues they collaborated with internal partners, including the Ministry of Justice Headquarters and Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service. They also engaged with external partners including PAM Assist, MIND and the Police, hosting local events for staff. They used shared resources to create local learning opportunities for the week.

Overall there were more than 800 events at national, regional, and local levels. Topics on offer included building inclusive teams, influencing skills and mental health awareness. All staff were encouraged to access at least one session as part of their ongoing personal or career development during the learning hour initiative. HMCTS used social media to promote the ‘Learning at Work Week’ activities, talk about their existing capability offer and push bite-size learning to staff. One of the learning opportunities promoted was iTransform HMCTS, their new flagship leadership programme which aims to challenge individuals through experiential, contextualised and practical learning activities.

Learning through digital resources is a core part of their capability strategy so many LAWW events were offered digitally through e-learning, webinars and online resources. HMCTS has a large-scale roll-out of training to support employees learn how to deliver the many online services that they are rolling out to the public. As part of this work, their team of Reform Learning Support Officers design digital learning products to support staff in digital technology implementation and Digital Support Officers provide job skill training and coaching on digital hardware and software as ongoing support.

Pre-launch promotions were placed on the intranet and social networking platform to support planning for the week. These included interviews with teams who had run successful ‘Learning at Work Weeks’ in previous years. Once the learning community was established, plans, ideas and resources for the week were shared. They redeveloped the people capability intranet pages to create a single place where employees could easily access learning opportunities.

The event evaluation shows that overall there was a high level of satisfaction and engagement in ‘Learning at Work Week’. The revised and updated ‘Building Your Capability’ intranet pages now provide clear information on the extensive range of learning that is available to staff. The organisation has lived up to its People Promise by offering all staff access to learning that not only develops their skills but supports them to realise their potential and achieve their ambitions.