Commended: Campaign for Learning Networked for Learning

Global Media & Entertainment got networked for Learning at Work Week to support the business to share ideas and enrich decisions across its business in line with their revised 2018 learning plan. By strengthening its network culture, it aimed to give employees a platform to develop skills beyond their own departments, using the vast array of knowledge in house and across 25 broadcast centres housing 1800 colleagues.  

The company’s business ambassadors, Global Obsessors, were asked to engage with colleagues, use mini-needs analyses and find out which activities they’d like to do. The programme was then developed to benefit colleagues and increase engagement with Global and its learning strategy. Each activity incorporated peer learning and used a creative approach that would inspire Global’s colleague to value and take advantage of learning through the experience of others.

The week offered networking events, talks, lunch & learns, sessions on social media and online learning. Activities were delivered by the Learning & Leadership team, senior exec team,  internal SMEs and external professionals and organisations. Colleagues could take part in Networking for best Career Hacks, Choir Singing, LInkedIn Training and Internet Encryption amongst others. Colleagues were encouraged to learn new skills away from traditional methods of learning. Inspirational tips were shared and thinking was challenged.

An email campaign was used to build anticipation of the week and get people to sign up. A ‘care package’ was sent to ambassadors in each of the 25 broadcast centres so they could keep up momentum with desk drops and giveaways of Learning at Work Week branded sweets. A special Learning at Work Week page on the intranet highlighted events and streamed learning content. As the week progressed, photos from events were uploaded to showcase what was taking place around the company.

The week encouraged networking between the Global Obsessors who shared ideas and best practice between the centres. Managers and employees shared learning at team meetings and used the GoodPractice portal to send topical articles to each other. There has been a step change in colleagues feeling comfortable to share in group settings. Colleague’s concept of networking has evolved from being something that is formal with business cards to the understanding that networking happens all of the time. Learning at Work Week has helped to break down silos and promote a three step model to encourage broadening of knowledge and support across team through using networks.  The lunch & learns shared careers stories and roles so that colleagues could find out about things of interest and enhance their own performance. Learning at Work Week has helped embed the ideas that learning helps you be better. It encouraged managers to invest time to train teams through online learning and workshops which supports Global’s revised learning curriculum. Colleagues could book on to talks and events that were of interest empowering them to lead on their own development and career journey. By creating networks and broadening knowledge of different roles, colleagues are more aware of the different career pathways at Global which will help the company to retain its employees.