Gazprom Marketing and Trading

Commended: OCN London Inspiring Learning for All

Gazprom Marketing & Trading (GM&T) is a subsidiary of the Gazprom group - the world’s largest gas producer and one of the world's largest energy companies. Headquartered in London, GM&T operates to provide Gazprom group with a global marketing reach, round the clock operational coverage and excellent customer service. Established in 1999, GM&T has grown from a single office in London into a truly global organisation, with around 1000 employees worldwide. With offices in Europe, Asia and the USA, GM&T trades energy commodities including gas, power, oil, LPG, helium, emissions, LNG and FX and also operates a retail business, trading as Gazprom Energy.

GM&T’s Learning at Work Week provided an opportunity for all of its employees globally to learn about the company and its industry, as well as meet, network and learn with colleagues across the business.

To do this effectively, GM&T had to consider the potential barriers that could prevent its employees from participating. These included time barriers - for employees unable to leave their desks for a long period or those on shifts, geographical barriers for employees working outside of London and Manchester, and learning preferences.

The L&D team collaborated with the senior leadership team and subject matter experts to run internally-led sessions across its offices. All GM&T offices saw a range of sessions covering areas such as wellbeing, personal development and also other exciting topics by external speakers. Additionally, they ran sessions run by the business areas to increase business and company knowledge and provide employees with an opportunity to better understand different functions. Some of the talks included were, an Overview of Trading Operations, an interactive Trading Simulation game and also an Overview of EU Gas Portfolio. To support employees with their personal development, the L&D team delivered sessions which encouraged employees to plan their futures and also identify any learning needs. Employees could attend in person or participate using video conferencing or by watching a recording at their own convenience. Other workshops and talks were led by external partners on topics such as networking skills, stakeholder management and lessons from female leaders. GM&T partnered with external wellbeing speakers to promote the significance of maintaining a positive wellbeing and ran sessions to encourage employees to strike a balance in their work-home life, feel energised throughout the day and learn how to maintain resilience. GM&T ran sessions with their specially designed board games with the aim of developing leadership skills and promoting teamwork and collaboration.

GM&T used different channels and materials to reach and engage its employees in the week including posters, the leadership portal, emails and the intranet. Regular email communication was sent to employees, in the run up to the event and then followed by daily updates reminding employees of what was on offer each day.

LAWW has improved employee engagement within the company, reinforcing the learning culture and a positive working environment. By running a diverse selection of topics, employees were able to improve skills and acquire knowledge to support them when at work and also in their personal lives. GM&T have demonstrated their commitment to supporting employees with development, both professionally and personally, as well as improving organisational capability, by making learning accessible to employees wherever they are based.