Maintel is a cloud and managed services company, with a focus on communication. As a  fast-growing provider of managed communications services for the private and public sectors, we’re experts at securely connecting our customers in the office, on the move and in the cloud. 

Maintel’s Learning at Work Week supported its People Strategy, of which a key element is to integrate its people and their skills following a series of acquisitions. It contributed to building a thriving people centred environment that attracts and retains a diverse and skilled workforce; and a workplace that cultivates a culture of company-wide collaboration, ‘agile’ working and the company’s three pillars of digital workplace, customer experience and secure connectivity.

Maintel wanted to create a Learning at Work Week that showed its commitment to its people and was fun, engaging and memorable. The company has a remote and agile workforce with 50% working at home.The week needed to offer something for everyone so that all colleagues could get involved. To do this, Maintel’s employee forum helped plan the week and employees were engaged at an early stage, invited to submit ideas and join a dedicated Company Teams group.


The week included just-for-interest and business focused sessions. Office-based events, were recorded for colleagues who couldn’t attend. All colleagues received a learning pack full of learning resources and ideas, assessments and fun competitions with prizes, including ‘Fastest finger first’ typing competition and ‘Spot Seven Security Issues’ photo. There were webinars on being ‘Social Media Savvy’ delivered by the Digital Marketing Manager, and ‘Preparing for the world of work: it’s up to you’ on the skills needed to flourish in the new world of work. 


Maintel’s external partners demonstrated different technologies and how these will change workspaces and call centres. To promote inclusion and women in technology, the company hosted twelve girls from Bedford school. They took part in two-way presentations with Maintel apprentices and female engineers, offering an opportunity to learn from each other.


An employee input event “if you were the CEO of Maintel” World café event showed the importance of internal collaboration and Maintel’s openness to employee ideas.

A social media strategy using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter engaged colleagues early in the LAW Week campaign. The monthly bulletin and employee forum promoted the benefits of the week. In all offices, posters and a special video were displayed. A landing page for the week was put on SharePoint keeping colleagues informed on developments. Leaders briefed their team to ensure continuous collaboration and ensure that everyone felt included.


To evaluate the Week, reactions were recorded at each session and then through monthly updates and follow up communications. The annual survey will help to evaluate the ongoing impact of the week’s events on the people strategy and company initiatives and objectives. 

The Week has promoted the importance of self-directed learning. It’s created a sense of belonging across the company and led to a range of positive outcomes. Employees made internal and external connections, expanding their knowledge and networks. Building on feedback, the team will launch a Learning Vault for shared resources and roll out Maintel Champions building on the success of employee collaboration. The CEO for a Day event, alongside other employee ideas, has shaped new employee benefits available from January 2020. 

Learning requests from colleagues and line managers have increased by 15%, including on training and security awareness. The business is embracing the use of technology for blended learning and remote training and is investing in infrastructure to support agile working. The focus on diversity and wellbeing has led to new national training campaigns at the company on diversity, inclusion and agile working. Maintel has officially partnered with Bedford school to ensure ongoing commitment to women in technology. Maintel’s attrition rate has gone below it’s targeted 12% for the first time in over a year, currently below 10%, and the company has seen an increase in ‘boomerang’ employees as word spreads about the great things on offer.