HSBC’s Learning at Work Week set out to drive engagement in learning by inviting colleagues to self-select their development, increase awareness of HSBC’s flexible learning resources, and bring together the business and learning.

The learning team worked with each business area to understand the pressure individual employees were under and how to engage them successfully. This helped define what learning would best support colleagues and in what format.

The strategy for the week was to showcase the widest range of learning that was already available and encourage long-term engagement and lifelong learning through every communication and post.

A series of daily curated ways of learning were promoted during the week. These were designed to be short bursts of flexible learning in different formats to suit individual learning preferences. A typical day would include a daily focus, a video, a Degreed platform pathway, a microtry, a book summary and a challenge. Colleagues could also join a virtual fair to find out more about Future Skills, Apprenticeships and My HSBC Career.

Feedback from colleagues showed they felt that learning was done to them, so to overcome this, it was crucial that all activities and messages were opt-in only. To avoid people feeling overwhelmed with a list of options, daily curated activities were limited to 4 or 5 on a theme. Most activities could be done at a time and in a place that suited the learner, making them fully accessible. This promoted a key message for the week, that learning was available whenever, wherever and however colleagues wanted it.

A Learning at Work Week 2021 Teams Space was created, and colleagues were invited to click a link to join ahead of the week. A special flyer was distributed and shared across the organisation in webcasts and via the Learning and Talent Development Newsletter. A Tik-Tok Mosaic-style video was posted on LinkedIn and received over 2000 views from both internal and external people. Whilst the invitation was shared far and wide, during the week only those who signed up received information about content and messages. Using Teams for the platform meant that engaged learners could access content when it suited them so there was no additional pressure on their time.

Over 400 colleagues signed up for the week and engagement on the daily posts was tracked through ‘likes’ and comments. This will shape the future use of the platform in campaigns. The team will use insights from the virtual fair and what people chose to attend to create follow up sessions and 1:1 conversation. Colleagues now have a greater understanding of the wide range of flexible learning that is available. The team will run a follow up to Learning at Work Week in September in response to the colleagues’ engagement and feedback to promote their new Degreed platform and how it can be used as a jumping off point for all learning at HSBC. Sixty-two colleagues have signed up to be influencers for learning, which will help them develop personally.

The success of the week means that colleagues have been engaged in continual learning in a way they haven’t been before. The profile of HSBC has been raised through LinkedIn posts. Over 400 colleagues have a better understanding of the functionality of Teams and how it can be used to engage others and have become early adopters of the Degreed platform. They will have access to thousands of blended learning pathways and be able to start creating their own pathways, adding their own areas of expertise to HSBC’s growing catalogue.