EY strives to provide its people with the learning culture, resources, opportunities and relationships to help personalise their learning and build their skills and careers.

EY used Learning at Work Week (LAWW) to promote the firm’s learning culture and exceptional learning resources, in order to encourage its people take personal ownership of their development. The campaign was centred around the concept of ‘It’s Yours to Build’ and focused on building a high LQ (learning quotient) to prompt people’s curiosity and desire to gain new skills in technology, leadership, and business acumen. Based on the feedback we received from our people, the value for employees was in discovering their own personal learning objectives and being equipped with tools and techniques to help fit learning activities into their everyday busy lives.

During LAWW EY people were supported in 3 areas:

  • filtering learning content to focus on what would make the most impact to them personally;
  • building learning habits that really work; and
  • advice on how to create developmental experiences when working virtually.  

Activities around LAWW were fully virtual, with plenty of engagement and easy access for everyone via an interactive portal and Microsoft Teams channel.  Each day was themed with a guest speaker, bite-sized and modular resources and a 15-minute challenge. The portal and activities were designed so that colleagues could personalise their learning, make progress by taking simple steps each day, and build a focused and actionable plan for their longer-term learning by the end of week.

Guest speakers addresses topics including: ‘future proofing skills’ by focusing on technology; staying visible and accessing developmental experiences whilst working remotely; build smally daily habits that really work. The 15 minutes challenges invited colleagues to try a micro-experiment with learning by encouraging them to make short actionable steps, such as ‘select one development interest to focus on’; or ‘put a 15 minute slot into the diary for coffee and learning’.

The week was promoted extensively using EY’s regular daily internal newsletter, the firm’s network of over c.4000+ career counsellors, business segments and a bespoke communication from EY leadership. Colleagues received diary invitations and reminders each morning to help our people was carve out time for learning.

The week resulted in over 6000 webcast attendees,  over 1200 unique viewers on the portal and over 4400 hours of additional learning as part of a Consulting Learning Day. During the week our people started over 300 EY digital badges –which was double the usual level of uptake (our EY Badges programme offers people the chance to develop a range of future-focused skills and earn externally recognised digital credentials. There are more than 230 badges, covering topics such as technology, sustainability, leadership etc).

Colleagues valued the week’s format, the range of resources, and the opportunity to pursue their personal development. Following the success of this campaign, EY has ran and is looking to run more initiatives like this in the future through Learning Days and Learning Weeks.  The campaign has helped to engage more people as learning advocates who can act as learning culture champions for their teams.  The assets created for the week are being repurposed into a Learning Habit Generator Tool that colleagues can use at their own pace, which will further boost the impact of LAWW longer term.