Edge Hill University, ranked Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework, is a campus-based university in Ormskirk.

Edge Hill University’s Catalyst is a new state of the art building that brings together Library & Learning Services, Student Services and Careers. With over 200 members of staff now under one roof, Learning at Work Week was a great opportunity for the three services to come together, get to know each other and most importantly have fun learning. Learning at Work Week provided staff with an opportunity to not only get to know each other but develop their skills and express their interests.


To promote Learning at Work Week the team used print and digital media, alongside sharing information through word of mouth and at staff meetings. An online timetable was created with a linked booking system. 

During Learning at Work Week 28 creative and informative sessions took place, delivered by both internal and external members of staff. These sessions were predominantly delivered by staff within Catalyst, as it gave staff the opportunity to inform colleagues about their services’ developments and an opportunity to share their skills and interests. Sessions included: ‘Creative Card Making’, ‘Rubber Stamp Printing’, ‘Sign Language’, ‘Writing for the web’ and ‘Pocket Photography’. A range of informative sessions allowed staff to learn more about other teams and network with colleagues. The week has helped establish a positive learning culture and colleagues are keen to develop their digital skills further by getting involved in professional development initiatives. It has shown that learning and staff development works best when embedded in the culture of the department so the team have recently delivered ‘Learning at Work Week - Halloween Spectacular’ to continue the blended learning approach and further build a culture of learning at work.


Alongside the face to face sessions staff also had the opportunity to explore an innovative digital offer, DigiQuest 2.0. DigiQuest 2.0 is an online course designed to support and develop staff's digital skills and capabilities, giving staff the opportunity to independently explore and enhance their digital skills. Using the JISC Capabilities Framework to structure the course, staff had to travel to 6 planets in order to improve and develop their digital skills. The course incorporates a variety of tasks for staff to engage with such as discussion boards, personal reflection activities, assessments, videos and LinkedIn Learning courses. Activities range from creating an infographic to learning the basics of Excel, analysing their digital footprint, exploring alternative presentation software, making online quizzes and participating in Twitter chats. The choice of tasks were described as ‘varied’ and staff relished the opportunity to try out tools they had never explored previously. Learners also had the opportunity to achieve digital badges, recognising their digital skills and independent learning. As a result of the week, staff have increased their confidence in using digital technologies and a range of digital tools. They are more aware of different technologies and their importance in the modern workplace.