Cambridge Network is a membership organisation based in the vibrant high technology cluster of Cambridge, supporting growth in the region through recruiting, developing, attracting and connecting.

Cambridge Network ran a truly collaborative Learning at Work Week to achieve shared success. It created partnerships to help build learning cultures at work and increased the reach and support of the Network.

Building on its existing ‘Cambridge Network Learning Week’ Forum set up in 2018, Cambridge Network acted as a catalyst to create a broad schedule of learning activities open to over 400 workplaces.

Over a nine month period the Network ran collaborative meetings with organisations and trainers. The resulting activities for Learning at Work Week reflected the interests and needs of the companies and businesses across the region.

The week’s activities were diverse, from two hour tasters to two-day courses, panel sessions to training videos. Sessions were hosted at partner organisations and offered employees and their workplaces the chance to develop skills in leadership, management, influencing, communication and interviewing amongst others. To raise awareness of the importance of mental health awareness training, the Network linked up with Mental Health Awareness Week and ran sessions on stress reduction, self-harm and eating disorders.

A special Apprenticeship Day promoted apprenticeships in the region. Apprentices talked about their achievements and organisations discussed their experiences and apprenticeship opportunities.

Alongside the meetings, CN’s Cambridge Network’s promotion encouraged a wide range of people to get involved and share with their teams what was happening. Forty organisations attended the activities and the network has made new connections, grown its reach and membership and raised awareness of the support it offers amongst hundreds of companies.

By opening up the majority of in-house activities to the general public, this has encouraged new relationships and collaboration leading to new projects. Cambridge Network has shared its evaluation and learner feedback with trainers and organisations to support continuous improvement and help with the design of future courses. The project has reinforced the importance of partnerships and sharing resources, and the value of learning and development for all types of organisations.