BT inspired colleagues with a Learning at Work Week that promoted ‘lifelong learning, connecting and curiosity’ as part of its wider strategy to build the skills and capabilities the company needs for the future. 

BT set three goals for the week: 

  1. Increase colleagues' engagement with learning and learning platforms including its ‘unlimited learning’ offer 
  2. Build recognition of BT’s ‘Future Ready’ campaign and ways to learn in the flow of work 
  3. Support colleagues to be involved in the development of their own career 

At the heart of the week’s success was the provision of learning that was enjoyable and accessible. To achieve this, a working group collaborated with internal partners and business units across the business to share ideas and experiences and respond to colleagues’ feedback. The week also aligned closely and added value to BT’s existing internal initiative, ‘Future Ready’. 

To make the learning accessible to all, a special landing page on BT’s academy hosted all the learning content, which was shared every day under the banners ‘Read’, ‘Watch’, ‘Listen’ and ‘Do’. Colleagues also had the option to complete a could take ‘Future Ready’ pathway and explore topics including ‘creating new habits’, ‘the power of connection’ and ‘the hidden power of the curious mind’. A special live event with guest speaker Paul Matthews explored what learning is and what barriers to learning there are. To further promote a learning culture and foster collaboration and sharing, colleagues were encouraged to post their own learning experiences and engage with colleagues on BT’s Learning Workplace Group. 

A teaser campaign to garner interest was run in the week leading up to Learning at Work Week.  Updates and activity spotlights were published daily on BT’s Learning Workplace Group, with posts reshared across the business and with local learning partners. A special video by BT’s HR Director was released on day two of the week. To celebrate, a special thank you video was shared at the end of the week encouraging colleagues to carry on learning. 

The week resulted in 500 visits to BT’s Learning at Work Week Academy landing page, nearly 400 attendees at the live event, over 12,000 views of Learning at Work Week posts and the BT Learning Workplace Group now has 1.5k followers. Colleagues are now more aware of where they can access learning and where to go if they have any questions. By providing a variety of internal and external learning, colleagues' perceptions of what learning is and how it can be accessed has changed. The week has bolstered BT’s Future Ready initiative, which will help the company develop the skills it needs for the future. BT will use this successful approach to continue to promote unlimited learning, and have recently launched a new learning campaign where they focus on a topic and explore the topic through the mediums of podcast, playlist (continuing to promote learning available to all colleagues, for example LinkedIn Learning) and live event so that colleagues can delve further into learning and networking.