Abcam, a leader in the supply of life sciences research tools, launched a global initiative for its Learning at Work Week to empower colleagues and support its strategic objectives for growth.

The Company delivered a five-day Learning at Work Week programme in three languages across their offices worldwide. This supported colleagues in developing a growth mindset and empowering them to address limiting beliefs, embrace change and challenges, and thrive in a dynamic, fast-growing company. Growth mindset is the belief that we can grow our abilities and qualities through effort.

During the week, colleagues took part in five themed days, which promoted different learning aspects of growth mindsets and encouraged independent learning and discovery, trying new things, and sharing ideas, inspiration and stories.

The available learning sessions included a workshop on Dancing with your inner critic, a keynote speech on Grow like a badass unicorn, podcasts and growth mindset assessments.

Around 1250 colleagues took part in at least one live event. Since running the programme, Abcam has seen an upturn in development queries, new applications for group mentoring and a 28% increase in career development fund applications from colleagues. Growth mindset will also be incorporated into the Company's recruitment practices, talent identification and development conversations. For Abcam, Learning at Work Week has inspired new rotational development assignments and cross-functional initiatives to link learning and business outcomes.