"At eve Sleep, we’re on a mission to unleash the power of sleep wellness. Whether it’s with our nifty sleep products, partnerships with experts or campaigns to protect Britain’s right to sleep, we’re here to help the nation get the top-notch kip they need to rise and shine. Because there’s nothing quite like waking up well slept - and we think everyone deserves to feel it."

Eve Sleep’s Learning at Work Week inspired colleagues and encouragecollaboration and creativityThcompany’s mission is to become a champion of sleep wellness where everyone has endless enthusiasm and energy so they can reach their goals. As the company grows and evolves it needs to develop confident inspiring leaders and agile employees to deliver and achieve business goals. Their week was designed to inspire people to approach learning in new ways, to create a space to learn and test new ideas, to collaborate with new people and learn something different; and to create learning experiences which support their employees to breathe, think and discover more about themselves and the people around them. 

The week was planned by a diverse taskforce from teams across the business. Together with the creative team they developed a unique identity and brand campaign using the strapline #inspirecreatecolloborate2020Each activity chosen answered positively one of the following questions, Will it create new and unique learning experiences? Does the activity inspire people to think about their learning journey? Will sessions bring people together to collaborate and take actionable steps as a result? 

Functional experts from the business team designed and ran 14 informative sessions and workshops. External partners ran workshops on a range of taster sessions on Mental Health and wellbeing including financial wellbeing, living your core values and coping with stress.   

The sessions were promoted with engaging titles and included ‘Brain Gymnastics’, ‘Fall in Love with Excel’ and ‘My Learning Journey - Fireside Chats’ with the executive team. Colleagues could work with flowers in ‘Making a Crown’ and take part in an Espresso Martini Mixology Class. 

The week was promoted with an eye-catching logo, programme and timetable shared through Slack and by email. A personalised Slack Channel was created to share inspiring videos, articles and quotes, aligned to the week’s objectives. The executive team and managers encouraged colleagues to attend. After the week, colleagues spoke about the highlights for them in the Company All Hands meeting which further brought people together. 

The week has led to increase engagement in the business. It has brought people together, creating communities and driving conversations across the organisationThe Fireside Chats with the executive team increased motivation and an understanding of the business and others. Colleagues have learned new things and gained ideas from others on how to drive their own learning journeys, valuing the opportunity to learn outside their usual routines. The business is continuing with the sessions so that colleagues can continue to benefit from the week.