BT plc is one of the world’s leading communication services companies serving the needs of customers in the UK and 180 countries worldwide.  BT Technology is the internal technology unit responsible for technology strategy, and creating and operating BT's networks, platforms and IT systems.

BT Technology’s Learning at Work Week focused on the development of colleagues in IT and related technology roles. In 2020 it adopted a specialist digital learning application, Pluralsight, to underpin the development of nine technology skills critical to BT’s business strategy. Pluralsight is now used by thousands of colleagues in BT Technology.  For Learning at Work Week the learning team wanted to increase use of Pluralsight by 10% and help users see the benefits of the application so that they make time for learning. 

The learning team designed the week using feedback from its Pluralsight user survey. They worked with representatives from different parts of the business to develop the week’s activities which included competitions, videos and webinars. 



To stimulate discussion about Pluralsight, colleagues were invited to share on the Facebook workplace community a story each day linked to one of four themes – favourite feature; mobile learning; content recommendations; and making time to learn. Contributors were chosen at random to win a prize.  

The learning team shared videos during the week highlighting new features including timesavers, as finding time to learn was highlighted as a barrier in users’ feedback. Subject matter experts ran ‘drop-in’ webinars so that colleagues could understand how to use the learning journeys created for each of the nine strategic technology skills. Additional webinars helped colleagues with personal development planning and developing a team learning culture. The webinars were recorded and shared with relevant communities after the week so more colleagues could benefit. 

To promote the week, the learning team posted a teaser to the 3900 strong community on Facebook. The weekly email newsletter Technology News promoted the events. A business sponsor launched the week with a video encouraging people to take part. Each day started with a workplace video from a different business sponsor with the day’s theme and competition. 

The Learning at Work Week campaign exceeded their goal with 18% more active users. More courses have been viewed and 800 posts have been recorded in the workplace community with nearly 3 thousand views. Over 160 attendees attended drop-in sessions. 

The week has led to many positive outcomes. Employees have learned about new features on Pluralsight, the strategic technology skills they need and how the application can help them move to new roles in BT. They have been recognised publicly for demonstrating a learning habit.  Managers have gained ideas on how to build a team learning culture. Employees have reported increased productivity as using Pluralsight is saving them time, and managers are reporting improvements in the quality of work. The week has also helped to build a community where people can share ideas, recommendations and achievements as well as support each other.