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Broadway Travel used Learning at Work Week to increase learner engagement across its three UK sites and its Hyderabad office using a different approach. Typically, the company has asked staff to come to training which has usually been delivered face to face. Employees have sometimes been reticent to come away from their desks to avoid falling behind or losing a sale. Taking staff feedback into account, Broadway Travel used innovative methods to overcome work barriers to engaging and motivating colleagues to learn.

A raft of new development opportunities and methods were launched during the week including the company’s new LMS which was called the Personalised Learning Zone. The company held informal group chats on the company’s values called ‘Coffee, Cake and Craic’ and launched a company wiki page. Colleagues could access webinars, elearning and a customised Space Invaders game as well as face to face sessions. Staff were rewarded with points for participation and prizes were given as incentives for the new activities.

To promote the week, Broadway Travel set out to create an exciting campaign to make the week feel like something different. To generate intrigue and anticipation, a countdown was put onto the intranet highlighting an activity a day and exclusive prizes offered by suppliers and partners were used in advertising.  Through the build up to the week, middle and senior managers helped to spread the word.

The company learned and adapted as the week progressed, amending activities as needed. The Coffee, Cake and Craic sessions were so well attended that it affected the informal chat style that was intended, so a limit on participants was put in place for the remainder of the week resulting in valuable feedback and suggestions.

As part of the evaluation, colleagues were encouraged to use the new LMS to give their thoughts on the week. It showed they were engaged and felt positively about the fresh approach to learning. Learning at Work Week has opened up to Broadway Travel a number of cost-effective, innovative and engaging options for workplace development which supports an inclusive approach to learning and development. It can deliver training quickly to colleagues that need it and want it, even recording face to face sessions so that others can view them. The week has also had a global impact. The company’s office in Hyderabad is now able to join in and contribute to training which was a challenge before. As a result of the week, the company is delivering more major elearning campaigns.