T levels represent a major opportunity to position technical education as a viable and respected route for young people. The initial focus has been on T level programmes for 16-18 year olds. A new paper by Mark Corney and published by the Campaign for Learning and NCFE argues however that there is a larger group of young people who could benefit from T levels - those aged 19-23 without a level 3 qualification. By supporting this group to participate "a large-scale full-time vocational Level 3 pathway could be created which radically reforms 19-24 further education".

The question is how might we facilitate the uptake of full-time T levels amongst 19-23 year olds, many of whom are in full time employment? Mark Corney examines the challenges and the opportunities and makes the case for the introduction of maintenance loans. The report includes a series of recommendations for how this might be achieved.

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