The Campaign for Learning is delighted to announce the winners and commended organisations in the 2018 Learning at Work Week Impact Awards.

The  Learning at Work Week Impact Awards are competitive awards that are presented to companies and organisations for running excellent Learning at Work Week campaigns. The 2018 award winners show that creative and inclusive events shaped to the needs of employees and business can stimulate an appetite for learning and build learning cultures at work. In keeping with the 2018 theme, many of the successful organisations enabled learning by building networks in their workplace, with partners and even across their cities.

The 2018 Learning at Work Week Impact Award winners and commended organisations are:

Pearson Promoting a Learning Culture Impact Award
SME Winner: Acro Aircraft Seating
Large Organisation Winner: HMCTS Innovation in Learning and Development Impact Award
SME Winner: Broker Network
Large Organisation Winner: HMRC Solicitor's Office and Legal Services 
Highly Commended: Broadway Travel

OCN London Inspiring Learning for All Impact Award
SME Winner: Bristol Energy
Large Organisation Winner: Pepper UK
Highly Commended: Broker Network
Commended: Gazprom Marketing and Trading

The Open University Business School Supporting Business and Organisational Goals Impact Award
SME Winner: Bristol Energy
Large Organisation Winner: First Bus
Highly Commended: The Law Society    Thomas Cook

Campaign for Learning Networked for Learning Impact Award
SME Joint Winners:  Taylor Vinters   Tai Calon Community Housing
Large Organisation Joint Winners: Virgin Media     Dorset County Council
SME Highly Commended: Advice Skills Academy
Large Organisation Highly Commended:  The Mill     Thomas Cook    HSE Chemicals Regulation Division
Commended: Global Media & Entertainment    RMBI Care Company

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Julia Wright, National Director, Campaign for Learning said:

“The Campaign for Learning would like to thank everyone who entered for this year’s Impact Awards and our award sponsors Pearson, OCN London, The OU Business School and  Once again, the high standard of entries demonstrate the power of well thought out campaigns for achieving cultural shifts in how people and businesses view and engage with learning. Congratulations to all of the successful organisations this year. Their impressive Learning at Work Weeks show how bold and ambitious programmes can have a real and lasting impact - from building employees’ confidence in the use of new technology to creating new connections that will support learning in the future.”

The Learning at Work Week Impact Awards are sponsored by Pearson, The Open University Business School, OCN London and

Cindy Rampersaud, Senior Vice President, BTEC & Apprenticeship, Pearson said:

"Pearson is proud to continue its support of Learning at Work Week in 2018. The commitment to lifelong learning shown across the country has been inspiring to see. Congratulations to HM Courts and Tribunals Service and Acro Aircraft Seating on receiving their well-deserved Pearson Learning at Work Week Impact Awards for Promoting a Learning Culture. All the nominations we saw described truly impressive LAWW programmes, however the two organisations chosen as overall winners shone through because of their creative and far-reaching programmes of activities, supported with the buy-in of senior leadership. Learning at Work Week is closely aligned to our mission as the world's learning company. We believe that learning isn’t a destination, starting and stopping at the classroom door. It’s a never-ending road of discovery, challenge, inspiration, and wonder. In today's world, education isn’t just about gaining qualifications: it's about helping learners at every stage of the journey discover a love of learning that helps provide opportunities throughout their lives. Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people."

Kate Butterworth, Communications Director, said:

"At we believe that Learning at Work Week is an opportunity for innovation and fostering a learning culture. Daring innovation can drive an organisation to transcend any limitations or obstacles they may face and create new opportunities for growth and development.The winners, HMRC and Broker Network, implemented impressive needs-based innovation programs during their respective campaigns. Taking LAWW as an opportunity to examine existing issues and launch targeted and daring initiatives. While the winning organisations differed greatly when it came to number of employees, they both recognised that recent changes within their businesses had created a workforce that felt disenfranchised when it came to L&D. HRMC’s holistic approach to the issues they confronted emboldened them create a platform which was uncomplicated in its design, friendly to the end user and would appeal to all areas of our business. Broker Network’s realignment of its L&D team from one focused purely on supporting external, to be more invested in the care of its staff’s development.The success of these two campaigns acts as an inspiration for own Learning at Work Week and highlights to others that combining innovation and a focus on meeting the needs of learners is a key way to incubate employee engagement, offer equal opportunities for development and in turn help organisational growth. These efforts can go a long way to building a happy workforce and successful company. Almost half (42%) of L&D professionals indicated that employees who were highly engaged in learning were also highly engaged overall at the organisation."

Liz Moody, Acting Director Executive Education, The OU Business Schools said:

“Successful organisations understand that their people are their primary asset and so invest in the development of their skills, knowledge and motivation.  Through innovative and imaginative learning and development activities, aligned to the organisation’s aims and objectives, the greatest performance gains can be made.  When people can link their successes to their learning this is a great way to reinforce a learning culture.  Congratulations to all the excellent examples of this in this year’s entries. Winning an award is one thing but achieving the benefits from learning aligned to business goals eventually provides payback for everyone.”

Jacquie Mutter, CEO, OCN London said:

“This year’s winners showed great imagination in their choice of activities and creativity in the way that they promoted them to learners. What impressed us in particular was their sensitivity to the barriers to learning faced by their employees and the importance of collaboration in engaging people in learning. They both recognised the need for diversity in the range of activities, starting from the interests of employees, and flexibility in the delivery.”

You can read about the Learning at Work Week Impact Award winners and commended organisations and what they did on the Learning at Work Week website

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