Families try something new this October 

Throughout October, organisations across the country will open their doors to families as they participate in the Family Learning Festival, the only festival dedicated to celebrating and valuing learning as a family.

Lifelong learning charity the Campaign for Learning, which organises the Family Learning Festival, believe learning that takes place in the family and home should be valued as much as learning that takes place in school classrooms and formal education. The family is where we learn important life skills and positive attitudes to learning, which enable us to become confident, motivated lifelong learners. 

Hundreds of activities will take place, organised by schools, libraries, museums, and community venues of all kinds. This year's Festival theme is 'Try it here and take it home' and organisers will be giving families lots of ideas and tips to create their own great learning activities.

Family Learning Festival 2018 events include:

  • Solving a Carousel of Conundrums with Maths on Toast at Pancras Square Library
  • A celebration of the Bronte sisters at Skipton library
  • Going on welly walks at the Big Pit in Wales
  • Making sled kites at the Arts Centre in Bideford


Families can find out what's happening near them at www.familylearningfestival.com 

Juliette Collier, National Director, Campaign for Learning and expert on family learning said: ‘The Family Learning Festival flies the flag for learning as a family and we hope even more families will spend time learning together in 2018. Learning together as a family is not only enjoyable, rewarding and fun; families can help build a love of learning that is key to achievement and has a big impact on our future wellbeing. The Festival is a time to celebrate and value family learning and what we learn from each other, and a great opportunity to start new learning adventures together.’

Why learn as a family?

  • It makes a real difference to children's achievement. Research suggests that the learning we do at home is the biggest influence on the achievement of 3 -7 year olds
  • It can bring to life what children learn at school.  Our real life experiences and day to day activities enrich children's understanding and put it into action e.g. talking about family history or counting at the shop.
  • Learning together as a family makes for an enjoyable and friendly environment. This can help build confidence and encourage us to try new things.
  • Parents and adult family members can help children foster a love of learning that will help them throughout life e.g. we learn to read at school but also learn to love stories at home.
  • It can inspire parents too. Adults who take part in family learning activities often discover a new thirst for learning, which can open up new opportunities.


Did you know?

  • Children only spend up to 20% of their waking hours in school
  • A four-year-old can ask up to 400 ‘why’ questions a day!
  • Kids are brilliant learners! By age 5, they will know over 3,000 words.
  • At the age of 6, we will have learned half of our adult vocabulary.



To arrange interviews during Family Learning Festival with organisations and families taking part, contact Gurpreet Keila on 07960 591 682/ [email protected] or call Julia Wright on 07932 776428/ [email protected]   

Family Learning Festival is organised by the Campaign for Learning, the national charity that champions lifelong learning. 


Download a press pack from http://www.familylearningfestival.com/press-info