Download the Learning at Work Week 2020 logos, and Learning Journeys themed banners, icons and posters.


Learning at Work Week 2020 banners - download

The 2020 themed banners come in different sizes and colours with and without strapline and dates but all with the 2020 Learning Journeys compass icon.

Learning at Work Week 2020 themed icons - download

The 2020 Learning Journeys icons are 'Learning Journeys Compass', 'Find your inspiration Map', 'New challenges Balloon', 'Discover together telescope'. They are in different colours including white for use on coloured backgrounds.

Learning at Work Week 2020 posters - download

The 2020 posters include a full poster and a poster with space to write or type your own activities in pdf, as well as an image of the poster that you can use to create a word version, by placing and adding a text box on top.


Learning at Work Week logos - download

The logos come in different colours as banners and squares, with and without dates as jpg for desktop publishing and pngs for screens.

Additional icons you can use

Learning at Work Week 'On Air, Online' took place from 18th to 24th May. The graphics include activity icons that you can use for your marketing materials.