2018 Learning at Work Week Graphics, Posters, Banners and Logos

You can download this year's graphics, posters and logos below. You can also mix these with our previous graphics to create your own publicity materials. The font we use for our logo is Museo. The font we use for our 2018 graphics is The Only Exception. We use both fonts in the posters.

 2018 Graphics - Hello Mouses, Energised Lighbulbs, Blooming Tulips and Hot Ideas Mugs

Download one zip file with PNG files for screen, JPG files for documents, CMYK for Professional Print, and EPS for Designers Download Graphics

2018 Posters

Download one zip file for A4 and A3 PDF posters - full and empty belly - and jpg template to create word document posters: Download Posters

2018 Banners and logos

The logos come in various colours with and without dates and as banners or blocks.

Suitable for Screen Printing - PNG files

Zip file with all logos (banner and square logos of all formats)

Suitable for desktop publishing RGB jpg files

1. Banners with year and full dates

2. Banner with no dates

3. Square with year and full dates

Suitable for professional printing CMYK jpg files

1. Banners with year and full dates

2. Banner with no dates

3. Square with year and full dates

Lightbulb, question mark and creative hand graphics

We developed 'Question Mark Light Bulbs', the 'Multicoloured Question Marks' and the 'Create, Make, Celebrate Hand' for 2017, but they are designed to be used for any LAW Week. Download Graphics here:

RGB Small Graphics for online and word publishing


RGB Large Graphics for online and word publishing


CMYK Graphics for professional printing


EPS for designers


Learning at Work Week People Graphics

We also have a series of people graphics for Learning at Work Week which you can use for your Learning at Work Week communications.

Download EPS and RGB files for design, web and print