Shape the future of your company with Learning at Work Week 2019. 

Create engaging activities for your workplace on the 'Shaping the Future' theme. We've put some ideas based on three strands: Future Open, Future Ready, Future Active. The best Learning at Work Weeks explicitly support business and employee goals, needs and aspirations, so check out our planning page too to find out how to build a brilliant Learning at Work Week for longer-term impact.

Future Open

How can we stimulate curiosity and exploration of what the future might bring? How will our world be transformed? What are the trends and predictions that might affect business, work and life and what might their impact be?

Activity ideas

  • Futurama: Gain a wide view on the future. Screen films and interviews with thinkers on emerging trends followed by discussions. Choose topics that challenge, make people curious and encourage debate.
  • Future presents: invite partners, researchers, authors and thinkers to speak and discuss what the future may hold e.g. industry related trends, new materials and technology trends, changes to demography and how we live.
  • Digital by default?: What do we need to know and do to be included in an increasingly digital future?  Run hands-on activities and events to develop digital confidence and know-how for colleagues at all stages. Introduce new ways to learn and work by using digital tools and channels to deliver activities and blended learning e.g. social media, webinars, MOOCs, online resources, augmented reality and virtual reality. Ask colleagues to nominate their favourite apps and why they like them. Run sessions where colleagues teach each other how to use apps.

Future Ready

How can we build and enhance learning cultures which help us to shape, adapt and be resilient to change? How can we motivate ourselves and others to be continual lifelong learners so we are ready to deal with challenges and benefit from opportunities?

Activity ideas

  • Common pursuits: Run taster ‘communities of practice’ sessions where groups of colleagues with common interests, concerns or passions (both work and non-work) interact and learn how to do things better and differently.
  • Unconference: Create group get togethers where colleagues choose themselves which topics and themes to explore.
  • Learnfest: Celebrate all types of learning with one minute, five minute and longer bite size sessions with colleagues teaching and learning from each other face to face, online, via video and social media.                                               
  • Learning Matters: Talks and Q&As by leaders and senior managers on how they’ve dealt with and deal with change, how continual learning can help and how they learn to keep up to speed.

Future Active

How can we actively shape our individual, collective and organisational futures through learning? How can we cultivate the sharing of experiences and collaboration to identify challenges and opportunities? How can we design activities to generate new ideas for business, work and life?

Activity ideas

  • Design the Future: arrange co-design workshops with colleagues and users across the business. Use them to identify and understand problems and generate ideas and prototypes for new products, new services and new designs for learning.
  • Essentials: Provide opportunities for colleagues to gain and brush up on the essentials in maths, English and digital skills to enhance future learning and development.
  • Learning journeys: broaden colleague’s perspectives of how they might develop at work by promoting internal career pathways (across and up) the organisation. Arrange careers conversations to discuss being skilled for the future. Ask former apprentices to talk about their learning journeys with new apprentices.
  • Knowledge Exchange: arrange knowledge exchange seminars with research organisations to discuss theory, latest research and practice in relevant fields for your organisation.