PCI Pharma Services’ HR team designed its Learning at Work Week as a series of virtual learning events that everyone could access, including colleagues in office-based operations, on night shifts and remote working. The HR team set out to increase awareness of learning opportunities and to engage more colleagues with learning at work, particularly through its learning platform, LinkedIn Learning. The week aligned to the company’s strategic aim to be a ‘Great Place to Thrive’ where colleagues are engaged, have access to learning opportunities and can achieve their potential. 

To maximise participation, the team established a group of ‘Let’s Learn’ Champions from different departments. They provided information on challenges for colleagues accessing the virtual learning platform. These included colleagues not being able to access the platform from some computers, others not having work email addresses so they couldn’t log on, the noise of production hindering learning, and low confidence and skills in using digital platforms. The team overcame the practical barriers by making the platform accessible from every computer, allowing colleagues to sign up with their personal emails and providing a free pair of branded headphones to address noise issues. To address the digital skills barriers, they ran introductory sessions to LinkedIn Learning to get people comfortable with using the virtual platform and provided these in person, on the night shift and via Microsoft Teams so everyone could take part.  


The activities on offer included a webinar on positive psychology called ‘How to take the rest of the year by storm’, which promoted wellbeing and focused on the benefits of adopting a positive mindset in adverse circumstances. A Site Learning Challenge ran over two weeks asking colleagues to watch three short videos of five minutes and discuss and make commitments to improve three areas from the company’s Employee Engagement Survey – Collaboration, Communication & Appreciation. The company also offers a ILM Level 4 Diploma in Leadership and Management to colleagues who are managing people or projects. Colleagues could join a webinar to find out more about the diploma and hear from people who had recently completed the qualification sharing what they’d learned. The session was recorded so that people working on night shifts could listen in too. To focus on the importance of diversity and inclusion, the team partnered with ACAS who delivered training via Microsoft Teams which included breakout rooms to promote discussion and enable engagement and participation.  

The week was promoted both online through the Site Brief, Intranet and emails, and offline with posters. The Let’s Learn champions also promoted activities through communications and word of mouth. 

Colleagues found the sessions informative, inspiring, relevant, fun and thought provoking and overall were highly likely to recommend the learning events to others. They now have an increased awareness of the learning opportunities available to them and two thirds of attendees at the ILM Level 4 Diploma webinar applied to take part in the qualification. The Site Learning Challenge generated some great team conversations and there have been 35 commitments from eight teams. The Diversity and Inclusion training will support the organisation in its talent attraction and retention, promote increased innovation and improve decision making. Learning at Work Week has led to the highest number of people viewing content on the virtual learning platform since it launched. This will support the skills development of the company’s people.