NATS supported its business goals by delivering a Learning at Work Week that promoted My Career, a new interactive area designed to encourage colleagues to drive their own development using interactive tools and a range of curated content. 

My Career helps NATS to address skills gaps and maintain a healthy pipeline in preparation for roles of the future. The team have created bespoke pathways, which simplified learning for colleagues, helping them navigate content to support their development needs.  The Learning team also promote the apprenticeship levy, which enables the company to continue developing employees whilst saving money.  

The Learning team created a campaign with the hashtag #DoOneThing. This encouraged colleagues to use tools and resources on My Career and complete one item of learning during Learning at Work Week. The tools and resources include curated pathways, assessments, articles, videos and e-learning content. 

To catch attention and promote My Career, a selection of resources on different topics were posted on the intranet such as 'how to develop your cognitive flexibility' and 'recognising your development needs early on'. All employees were invited to four sessions where they could find out about the new My Career tool, give feedback on the Learning  Management System and find out how the Learning team can support business areas to use to the tools to their full potential. 

Over 120 colleagues took part in the sessions and this led to an increase of traffic to My Career and requests to run team specific sessions. The Learning team have shared updated guidance on the options for development at NATS including an apprenticeship guide and a catalogue of resources aligned to business areas. This has led to an increase in individuals enquiring about apprenticeship pathways. 

The team used different channels to promote My Career and the week, which has reached a wider audience and encouraged discussion across the company.  Employees now have more relevant tools to develop themselves which are available on demand and can be customised to their needs and preferences. The week has boosted interest in development and morale across the business. Employees and managers are more aware of internal and external learning opportunities, in particular the apprenticeship routes. By simplifying processes, the team have improved the user experience and replaced outdated and resource heavy procedures using new technology, saving admin time that can be spent on more bespoke learning options for business. Overall, the week and #DoOneThing campaign has supported the business and its people to be agile, resilient and ready to move into future roles and face new challenges.