The HR team at Danske Bank saw Learning at Work Week as a perfect opportunity to raise awareness and interest in digitalisation, a key driver for the business success in the future, as well as promote employee wellbeing by creating a sense of togetherness. 

The team created a virtual programme of internal and external presenters. To attract colleagues from right across the organisation from digital novices to the digital experts, the team made a wide range of topics available through four types of activities –Live Keynote Talks and Interactive Events, Live wellbeing sessions, Intranet Spotlights on colleagues and what digital means to them, and Daily Learning Suggestions including podcasts, articles, and books. 

The team met with representatives from different departments to select engaging topics that were tailored to the different work audiences at the bank. To attract frontline colleagues, for example, the team ran a lively panel debate on aspects of digital most relevant to them. The keynote sessions were led by expert colleagues who talked about digital initiatives including ‘The Digital Bank of the Future.” Colleagues learned practical skills such as how to analyse data to gain insights, help customers use e-banking apps and avoid being overwhelmed by staying human in a digital world. Every day, two fifteen-minute slots connected colleagues and focused on wellbeing. Colleagues tried desk yoga, shared inspirational stories of how they use digital apps to make major lifestyle changes, and heard from the bank’s charity partner Aware, who specialise in promoting positive mental health. 

A strategic communications plan was developed that included all the main communication channels within Danske. The promotional campaign for the week launched with a month to go. A distinct brand with the slogan ‘Dive into Digital’ was created for the week. Senior leaders and HR Business Partners actively helped spread the message, encouraging people to block dedicated learning time. The monthly Learning Events calendar carried a Learning at Work Week feature. The intranet carried a planned series of headlines and a range of content about the week. This included a teaser, biographies on speakers, and comments from colleagues on what they were most looking forward to and why. The team simplified the registration for the week, a response to the previous year’s evaluation. 

Super interesting insights - what an exciting time to be working with Digital!

In my 30 years in the Bank this is easily the most impressive, relaxed, informative and enjoyable ‘training’ I have ever attended. Thanks so much to you all for running this.

A total of 1700 colleagues registered for activities, exceeding the target and more than doubling the previous year’s participation. The event achieved its key goals of promoting understanding of digitilisation and supporting employee wellbeing. Colleagues learned about the challenges and benefits of digital for themselves and customers, new digital tools and developments across the bank, and what the digital bank of the future looks like. They learned how to manage their mental health and stay connected in an increasingly digital world. The week has moved colleagues’ digital ability forward too, with 93% reporting that the week had transformed or increased their digital ability by a large or some extent.  It has had a tangible impact on the bank’s ongoing digital capability-building initiatives.