Research demonstrates that it’s not who parents are, but what they do that has a significant impact on children’s learning and development. Family Learning provides an opportunity to have a profound influence on the Home Learning Environment, and break intergenerational cycles of disadvantage to support social mobility. 
This workshop will explore how family learning providers can influence what parents do at home to raise children’s aspirations and attainment.

This workshop will look at:

The research:

  • why we should support parents.

The barriers:        

  • what stops parents engaging with their child’s learning
  • what prevents practitioners from building meaningful relationships with parents to promote the home learning environment

Key principles:    

  • what works and how do we know
  • understanding the ORIM framework

Practical ideas:   

  • look at ways to engage parents and children together, in activities that they can continue at home.


  • each group to share ideas with the wider group

Action planning:

  • giving each delegate an opportunity to plan their next actions.

The workshop will include:

  • research to highlight the importance of the HLE
  • the current policy context
  • case studies
  • practical ways in which providers can engage and support families to create a positive HLE

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop is ideal if you engage with families in:

  • Family Learning services
  • local authorities
  • housing associations
  • schools
  • libraries
  • galleries
  • job centres
  • foodbanks
  • colleges
  • or out in the wider community 



Full price £180.00 (NO VAT). Discounts available for Friends of the Campaign for Learning.

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