This workshop will provide ideas for fun family maths and resources that will inspire attendees to develop family engagement with maths in their own setting. Using playful, hands-on, creative resources, you will learn how to help your families see that maths is everywhere and for everyone. 

The workshop provides attendees with:

  • a forum to discuss theirs and their audiences' varied experiences of maths
  • an opportunity to explore:
    • why hands-on, creative maths and giving the time and space to 'play' with and explore maths at your own pace is so important
    • how to engage families and develop a ‘maths is fun’ ethos
    • how to support families by providing them with a model to help build mathematical resilience (inspired by Sue Johnston-Wilder’s Growth Zone Model)
  • a chance to participate in fun family maths activities and evaluate their suitability for their own setting
  • inspiration to create their own creative family maths resources
"Real life maths ideas delivered in a fun way that would be enticing and inviting to families."

"This was a really great workshop. Maths on Toast were super friendly, knowledgeable and did a great job at putting my own fears at ease so that I could think and learn."

Who will benefit from attending?

This workshop is ideal if you engage with families in:

  • adult and community learning settings
  • family learning settings
  • schools
  • libraries
  • galleries
  • museums
  • early years settings
This online workshop will be delivered by Maths on Toast - the family maths charity. 
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