Reforms for a Revolutionary Post-16 White Paper

Reforms for a ‘Revolutionary’ Post-16 White Paper is the second release in the Revolutionary Forces series. Commissioned by the Campaign for Learning it brings together different perspectives on the post-16 education and training system and ideas for what the upcoming white paper may include, in a series of expert articles by stakeholders, think tanks and educational professionals.

Building on the recommendations outlined in the first paper for flexible reforms to the post-16 education and skills system that support economic and social renewal, the new paper takes a deeper look at which areas in particular need to be addressed, including:

  • Devolution and 16-19 funding
  • Sustainable apprenticeship funding
  • Universal Credit and maintenance support to support adult training and retraining
  • New full and part-time Level 4-5 technical education pathways
  • More technical degrees and Level 6 First degrees
  • Improving Level 3 provision for learners post-16
  • A strategy for lifelong learning to support wellbeing and employability
  • FE workforce development


The Contributions

  • David Hughes, Association of Colleges - A New National Post-16 Education and Skills Strategy 
  • John Widdowson, Former College Principal - Higher Technical Education: An Alternative to Full-Time Three-Year Degrees 
  • Ewart Keep, University of Oxford - Re-Discovering the ‘Employment and Part-Time Higher Technical Education’ Model 
  • Adrian Anderson, UVAC - Just More Level 4-7 Apprenticeships, Technical Education and First Degrees 
  • James Kewin, Sixth Form Colleges Association - Level 4-5 Technical Education and the 16-18 System 
  • Becci Newton, Institute for Employment Studies - Assisting 16-24 Year Olds without a Level 3 
  • Jane Hickie, Association of Employment and Learning Providers - Achieving Social Justice through Apprenticeships and Adult Education 
  • Kathleen Henehan, Resolution Foundation - Rethinking Adult Training and Retraining 
  • Julie Tam, Universities UK - Upskilling and Reskilling through Modularised Higher Education 
  • Fiona Aldridge, Learning and Work Institute - Revolutionising Access to Adult Upskilling and Reskilling 
  • Alissa Dhaliwal, CBI - Strategic Partnership and Workforce Skills 
  • Iain Murray, TUC - Social Partnership and Workforce Skills 
  • Matt Waddup, University and College Union - A Broad View of Further Education 
  • David Russell, Education and Training Foundation - Transforming FE Teaching as a Profession 
  • Susan Pember, HOLEX - A Government-Wide Lifelong Learning Strategy 
  • Andy Westwood, University of Manchester - What Does ‘Revolutionary’ Really Look Like? 
  • Key themes by Mark Corney, Policy Consultant, Campaign for Learning 

This paper was published in September 2020.

Download the full report here