New film will raise awareness about parents’ vital importance in their children’s learning

Campaign for Learning is proud to have been chosen by the Media Trust and Mercers’ Company Volunteer Film Project to produce a film that will raise awareness about how much parents matter to their children’s learning. The film will drive forward Campaign for Learning’s parental engagement work including our Maths through Storytelling early years programme, supported by the Sir Richard Whittington Charity and our Fair Education Alliance Innovation Award.

Over the next six months, Campaign for Learning will be matched with a professional film maker alongside the other chosen charities, which include National Day Nurseries Association, Coram Beanstalk, Envision, Youth Sport Trust, Centre for Literacy in Primary Education, Body & Soul, SPECTRA, Blueprint for All and the Fatherhood Institute.

Miranda Baxter, Campaign for Learning’s Deputy Director (Families), who will be leading on the development of the film, says:

“We are over the moon to be taking part in the Volunteer Film Project. Not only is this an important next step in this project, to increase the visibility of our initiative and parents’ voices, but by being selected for this incredible filmmaking project reinforces the value of our work on parental engagement and parents’ contributions that we are trying to communicate. We are so grateful to the Media Trust and Mercers’ Company for this opportunity and the impact it will have.

“Successful family learning does not happen without successful parental engagement. Campaign for Learning is working on a campaign to raise parents’ awareness of their vital importance to their child’s learning, in order to boost motivation to engage and boost children’s learning outcomes. This innovative parent-focused campaign will use high-quality film to drive this change and boost the visibility of our parent-informed messages. The film will launch in September 2024.”

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