Virtual and Blended Family Learning: new evaluation findings

The evaluations of two family learning pilot programmes have been published. In addition to programme specific impacts, the evaluation illustrate how family learning has been adapted to virtual and blended delivery during the pandemic. 

Our Skills is a family literacy pilot programme for parents and carers of children who have had a social care intervention. Our Skills was managed by Learning Unlimited in partnership with Campaign for Learning. The programme and evaluation was funded by What Works for Children’s Social Care.

The evaluation of the programme shows evidence of promise in impacts on parent and carer confidence, enjoyment of reading with children, understanding how schools teach phonics and reading, and children’s enjoyment of reading.

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Love Learning about Money is a family learning financial resilience innovation pilot programme, managed by Campaign for Learning, and funded by the Money and Pensions Service to help parents of children under seven talk to their children about money.  

The evaluation identified a significant change in practitioner confidence, which helped to remove stigma around talking about money with parents and carers. There was also indicative evidence that the programme increased children’s understanding and awareness of key concepts relating to money, such as saving, and needs versus wants.

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