LAW Week webinars for parents and carers

For Learning at Work Week 2022, Campaign for Learning ran two special webinars for parents and carers. See below for the resource pack for both sessions. These webinars were broadcast on 18th and 20th May 2022.

Learning Power – Great ways to get your kids learning


Watch the Recording and Download the Resource pack

Learning Power - Great Ways to Get Kids Learning
For parents and carers of children aged 3-11

How can you engage and enthuse children of all ages to learn at home?

Listen again and download the resource pack to find ideas, free resources, great websites and tips to excite children about learning and build a love of lifelong learning in your family.

You’ll discover:

  • How to nurture children’s natural curiosity and love of learning even when you have limited time
  • How to use everyday resources and activities to build great learning opportunities
  • How to create spaces where children can enjoy learning

Download our Resource Pack for Learning Power

Storytelling is your Secret SuperPower!


Resource pack for parents and carers of children aged 0+

You have a superpower that can help your child to do better in school, be happier and healthier, have fewer mental health problems and be more successful throughout their whole life. Not only does your superpower help your children, it helps you too! Your superpower can give you a greater sense of relaxation, increase your level of self-esteem and resilience, improve your sleeping patterns and even reduce symptoms related to diagnosed illnesses such as depression.

What is this unbelievable superpower? Reading and sharing stories! Children, young people, and adults who read for enjoyment get all these benefits. If you read together these benefits are boosted, and you also get the bonus of sharing some special time together.

Download our Resource Pack for Storytelling