Empower everyone to age well this September!

Campaign for Learning is supporting The Open University's first ever Take Five to Age Well campaign which launches on 1st September.

Led by researchers at The Open University, Take Five to Age Well invites everyone to join a UK-wide community and make small changes in daily routine for better ageing. 

The campaign is based on research that shows we can do systematic things to extend our lifespan, and better still, impact our 'healthspan' to retain as many of our physical and mental faculties as possible.

Everyone can pledge to take healthy actions in five areas (Eat, Drink, Move, Engage and Connect and Think). They will be supported by The OU team to make these changes over the month with regular emails and a coaching app, and turn it into a habit for long term health and wellbeing.

Ageing well research suggests 'the sooner the better but never too late' to adopt these habits - so people of all ages can benefit from taking part.

By pledging, people will also be contributing to science. The OU will analyse the data and produce a publicly available report that helps everyone to learn more about ageing well.


How to take part and promote Take Five to Age Well

As an individual - sign up here: https://nquire.org.uk/mission/take-five-to-age-well/contribute

As an organisation - promote the Take Five to Age Well campaign using the materials in the toolkits below and share the sign up link - please note, you will need a Google account or sign up for one to access the materials.