Solving Real Life Challenges with Family Learning STEM Workshop

Solving Real Life Challenges with Family Learning STEM Presentation

Activity 1

Activity 1: Hand-made animations to explore science and art
Colour pencils or felt tips
Sticky tape
A mirror
Printouts of handouts 

Phenekistascope template

Thaumatrope template

Activity 2: Using scratch to support mental wellbeing

Computer with WIFI and online Scratch application (free and link below) 
Code sent in email

Activity 3:  Combining science, sustainability and art through paper
Instructions for paper making

Activity 4: Becoming energy experts with micro:bit
Microbit (can be purchased from Amazon or any other online digital suppliers)
Sample code sent by email
You can read up on micro:bit here: 

Other resources

Chemistry Catalyst Booklet

Chemistry Catalyst Lesson Plan and promotional materials

Brilliant Brains Teachers Pack 

Funding sources for STEM activities