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Activists like to be involved in new experiences. They are open minded and enthusiastic about new ideas but get bored with implementation. They enjoy doing things and tend to act first and consider the implications afterwards. They like working with others but tend to hog the limelight.

Activists learn best when:

Activists learn less when:


Most of us has elements of more than one learning style.Think about your strongest style and your weakest style to identify how you learn. 

This excerpt has been taken from the Honey and Mumford Learning Styles Questionnaire. A full online version of this questionnaire is available from on a pay-as-you-go basis for 10. Your results include a full report with suggestions about how to become a more effective learner.

Are you Skilled for Life? We all need to brush up on our essential maths and English skills from time to time. Find out how and try a free Move On mini-test in English and maths to see if you need help and where to go next.


Campaign launches new downloadable hands-on guide for line managers - Leading on Learning.  

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