How To WEBINAR - Use digital technology and tools to enhance family & community learning

The recording of this 'how to' webinar together with the materials are available to purchase via our event booking system
Cost: £30 (no VAT) Friends of CFL: £24

The webinar was broadcast on 24th September 2015.

Build engaging learning experiences for families and your community with easily available digital tools and tried and tested techniques. (The approaches and activities that will be covered require little technical knowledge and can be run even if you have poor connectivity, a very small budget and limited kit!)

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About this webinar

Digital technology offers new modes of engagement, education and empowerment. In family and community learning the benefits of its use are wide-ranging. It can provide interest-led activities that can be differentiated by level of learning; encourage creativity and exploration; support social and digital inclusion, and much more.

In this 75 minute webinar, you will learn:

>The basics of Digital Learning Principles
>Two tools and techniques to embed technology into your teaching: flipped classrooms and blogging
>Five apps and websites that can enhance learning including tools for assessment, collaboration and creativity
>How these tools and techniques can be applied in venues with poor connectivity or limited kit including BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

You will receive handouts including quick start guides for the five apps and websites plus a reference guide to an additional 10 sites that you can use with ideas for activities.

There will be opportunities for asking questions throughout the webinar.

Who should attend

The webinar is for any organisation which delivers engagement or learning activities for families or their community including

>Family learning services
>Health and wellbeing organisations
>Housing associations and groups
>Education organisations
>Community support groups
>Employment and ‘into work’ organisations
>Church and faith groups
>Cultural organisations
>Organisations working in regeneration

About the presenter

Julie Goreham is the Campaign for Learning's Lead on Digital Engagement and is an expert on designing and delivering digital projects for families and communities. Her work includes the Campaign's Digital Families programme and the EEF-funded Mind the Gap programme, which engaged dads in learning with their children through the use of digital animation techniques.

How to purchase the recording and materials:

You can purchase the webinar recording and materials using our event booking system here.

This webinar was broadcast on 24th September 2015.

email: tel: 020 7798 6067

17 September 2015

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