Take part in the financial champions programme and deliver finance education activities for families

Free training for North East organisations with optional accreditation

The Campaign for Learning, with support from the Santander Foundation, is offering free family finance training for organisations* based in the North East.

This new training programme will be suitable if you are:

  • working with family members who would benefit from improving their financial skills 

  • looking to design and run activities that promote healthy financial behaviours

  • looking for a sustainable approach which doesn't require knowledge of people's personal financial situations and is about education not advice

What you'll do on the training programme

By taking part you will develop the skills to enable your organisation to develop learning opportunities for families which improve their money skills.

The programme is all about helping families become more financially capable and confident so at the start we will look at what it actually means to be financially capable and what factors can affect this. You'll then find out about the role and benefits of a financial champion and how you and your colleagues' can develop this role in your organisation. You will learn the different ways in which you can design financial learning programmes to meet the needs of your families; and how to plan your activities so they achieve your programmes aims and objectives.

* This free programme is open to paid or unpaid practitioners from grass-roots organisations working with families in disadvantaged communities. To be eligible for the free programme, you will need to confirm that you are able to work with 15 families between January and beginning of May and will provide a statement to say what you have done without providing families’ personal details.

**You will have the option of completing a Level 2 Award in Developing the Financial Champion (please note we can offer one free qualification per organisation but there may be an option to extend this at a small cost). The Award consists of one unit and has an expected completion time of 30 Guided Learning Hours. Our course has been accredited by NCFE, an awarding organisation recognised by the qualification regulators in England and Wales. This course has been accredited as a Customised Award and on its completion learners will receive a certificate of achievement from NCFE. This certificate is not for a nationally regulated qualification.

How is the programme delivered?

We are delivering the programme in two ways  - either online by webinar or by a face-to-face workshop.

You can choose which you prefer.

Option 1: Webinar

Webinar 1: 3pm-4.30pm - Tuesday 17th January 2017

Financial Capability

How to identify aspects of financial capability
What has an impact on financial capability - skills, knowledge, attitude, motivation and opportunity

Financial Champions

The role and the benefits of a financial champion
Where a financial champion approach can be used
The skills a financial champion needs
How to identify and assess sources of information to support the financial champion role

Webinar 2: 3pm-4.30pm - Monday 23rd January 2017

How to develop your financial learning programmes

The different models you can use for your programme - e.g. life events, finance topics and literacy and numeracy
The role of the family champion in delivering the programme
How to identify and source materials that can support your financial learning programme

How to plan your financial learning activities including creating intergenerational activities for families

How to create suitable aims and objectives for your activities
How to collect and use information to plan your activities
How to measure the impact of your financial learning activities

Optional Webinar 3: 10am-11.30am on 31st January 2017

If you wish to achieve the Level 2 Award in Developing the Financial Champion, you will be offered support via email and a visit can be arranged to your organisation if needed. You can also take part in this third optional webinar which will take you through the key steps for completing the qualification.

Option 2: One day workshop

Wednesday 25th January, 10.30pm to 3.30pm at St James Park, Newcastle upon Tyne

How to enrol

Please email Alison Warren stating your preference for taking part in the webinars or the training day on awarren@cflearning.org.uk

17 November 2016

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