Supporting young people and adults who struggle with English and Maths

A series of free seminars on engaging learners who are not motivated by English and Maths and helping them to succeed
"Strategies introduced by the previous leadership team to improve English and Mathematics provision have been largely ineffective." (Extract from recent Ofsted report)
“Ofsted has no alternative but to say what they see; and in our view many colleges are under-resourced in key ways to deliver the high expectations that government rightly has of them.” David Russell, Chief Executive, Education & Training Foundation
“It is unfair to expect colleges to help young people achieve the necessary grade C in GCSE English and maths in one year, when they have not been successful after 11 years in school...The colleges that do well in inspections are those that can prove that their students, regardless of their starting point, have progressed during their studies.” Gill Clipson, Deputy Chief Executive, Association of Colleges

How can Colleges and providers rise to the challenge of engaging and motivating young people and adults who are struggling with English & Maths - and what strategies are most effective in helping them succeed?

The Campaign for Learning is hosting a series of free seminars which will bring together colleagues from Colleges, Local Authorities, training and Welfare to Work providers to discuss what works in support for learners who struggle with English and Maths. The seminars are aimed at senior staff in leadership and management positions who have strategic responsibilities.

The seminars will be held at the Campaign for Learning’s offices in Victoria, central London.

Session dates

Leadership & Management seminars

•    Tuesday 28th June 11am – 1pm

•    Thursday 30th June 3.30 - 5.30pm

Format and focus for the sessions

The seminars will be intimate roundtable sessions held under the Chatham House Rule where we will share both successes and problems. There will be plenty of opportunities for discussion and whilst there are not expected to be any ‘easy answers’, the sessions will aim to develop understanding by exploring collectively the issues and challenges for English and Maths support.

We have put together a series of questions as a starting point for the discussions and as a participant you will be invited to field your own questions in advance of the sessions.

Questions for the Leadership and Management sessions:

•    Why do learners struggle with English & Maths? How can we motivate them to improve their skills?

•    Learners’ and employers’ needs: are they the same?

•    Whole-organisation approaches: benefits and pitfalls

•    What are the practicalities of implementation? What can we learn from best practice?

•    What does Ofsted consider outstanding in English & Maths support?

•    How is Government policy developing in this field?

About the seminars' facilitator

The sessions will be facilitated by the Campaign’s former CEO Tricia Hartley, who has over 30 years’ experience in FE and adult learning, including running a successful Basic Skills Unit in an FE College, developing and delivering pre-16 FE provision and contributing to Government policy development on English & Maths.

The seminars are part of the Erasmus + In.Education programme which is focusing on engaging and supporting disadvantaged learners. For more information visit:

To book your place

To book your place click on the button to go to the sign up form. For more information about the seminars please contact Tricia Hartley on

The seminars are organised by the Campaign for Learning as part of the Erasmus + In.Education programme.

7 June 2016

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